Complete Engines for Land Rover Discovery

When your vehicle starts having engine problems, it may be time to completely replace it. Land Rover Discovery offers complete engines in two different performance types. These types include 4-cylinder and 5-cylinder diesel engines, and 4-cylinder petrol engines.

What options comprise Land Rover Discovery engine types?

Choosing a complete engine for your Land Rover Discovery can be challenging with so many options and parts available. Below are some guidelines to assist you in selecting the correct one.

  • Series I: 2.0 L T-Series I4 (petrol), 2.5 L 200Tdi I4-T (diesel;1989-94), 2.5 L 300Tdi I4-T (diesel; 1994-98), 3.5 L Rover V8 (petrol), 3.9 L Rover V8(petrol), 4.0 L Rover V8 (petrol)
  • Series II (L318): 4.0 L Rover V8 (petrol), 4.6 L Rover V8 (petrol), 2.5 L Td5 I5 (diesel)
  • Discovery 3 (L319): 4.0 L Ford Cologne V6 (petrol), 4.4 L AJ41 V8 (petrol), 2.7 L AJD V6-T (diesel)
  • Discovery 4 (L319): 3.0 L AJ126 V6-S (petrol), 5.0 L AJ133 V8 (petrol), 2.7 L AJD V6-T (diesel), 3.0 L AJD V6-T (diesel)
  • Discovery (L462): 3.0L AJ126 V6 Supercharged (petrol), 3.0L AJD V6 turbodiesel, 2.0L Ingenium turbodiesel, 5.0L AJ-133 Supercharged V8 (SVX)
What is the difference between gasoline and diesel engines?

Gasoline and diesel vehicles are similar in many ways, but the one thing that makes them different is the way they convert fuel into energy through combustions. Gasoline vehicles use spark plugs to ignite sparks after the fuel has been mixed with air and compressed by pistons. Diesel vehicles convert fuel into energy by compressing the air first and then injecting the fuel. Diesel engines often weigh more and cause more noise and vibration than those using gasoline. Vehicles using gasoline have increased horsepower, but vehicles using diesel are powerful and can pull heavy loads.

What is the Land Rover Discoverys engine performance?

The Land Rover Discovery comes with a V6 engine with horsepower from 254 to 340, which can get you an estimated 21 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway. It has sufficient power for all of your driving needs. However, you also have the choice between two high-performance engines for the Land Rover Discovery, which are supercharged 5.0 L V8 engines that have about 518 and 557 horsepower each. They are paired with an 8-speed quick shift automatic transmission.

Performance statistics:

  • Top speed: 130
  • Acceleration: 8.1
  • City miles per gallon: 21
  • Highway miles per gallon: 26
  • Engine capacity: 2,993
  • Maximum power (horsepower): 254 at 3,750 revolutions per minute
  • Maximum torque (pounds to feet): 443 at 1,750 to 2,250 revolutions per minute
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