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Construction Signs

Construction zones can be dangerous. The use of a warning will tell people more about what's going on so that they can use extra caution. Photos and words will often be on the sign so that people can be safer.

What are the different types of construction signs?

Construction signs will use universal symbols in many instances to tell people that they need to merge, watch out for various materials, or stay to the right or left. Other construction signs might have specific warnings to tell people what's going on in or around a construction site:

  • Warnings for closed roads, road work, and more
  • Directional
  • Keep Out
  • Reserved
  • Custom
How are construction signs hung?

You can choose to hang construction signs in a variety of different ways. The right method typically will depend on the kind of work taking place at the construction site.

  • Metal stand: The metal stands can be used to place a sign temporarily in a zone.
  • Handheld: Construction workers might hold warning signs to direct traffic.
  • Mounted to existing pole: Some construction signs can be mounted to a traffic pole or to other signage.
What are the common features on construction signs?

There are a lot of different construction signs. You want to keep the area where one is hanging free of debris so that people can read the warnings. Most construction signs have a few common features to ensure that they are able to provide the necessary level of safety.

  • Aluminum: The all-weather material keeps a rigid design.
  • Vinyl coating: There is usually a coating on the aluminum.
  • Sign stand: Stands make it easier to get the sign up at a construction site.
  • Fluorescent: There are often fluorescent strips on the sign to be reflective at night.
How do you choose a construction sign?

When you need to have a sign around a construction area, it's important to find the right one. You can have a sign with photos, words, or a personalized design. Review the options so that you know what's going to work for your construction site.

  • Verbiage: Determine if the sign provides the necessary message for the zone.
  • Size of construction sign: Review the size of the sign so that it's visible to everyone, including those passing in cars.
  • How it's hung: Determine how you're going to hang the safety sign.
  • Labeling: On some construction signs, you can add labels or stickers to modify them.