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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Contour Action Camera

When you're in the thick of the action, you need a camera that can keep up. Action cameras are designed for immersive filming situations, and they're used to capture events ranging from extreme sports competitions to war zones. Contour offers a variety of action cameras designed to take footage in high-stakes environments.

What Contour cameras are available on eBay?

Contour's lineup of action cameras includes:

  • Contour 4K Action Camera: This waterproof 4K UHD action camera takes 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second or 1080 HD at 120 frames per second. The Contour 4K also comes with a wide angle lens, a rotating lens, and an internal battery that provides 60 minutes of continuous footage.
  • Contour Roam3 Action Camera: This waterproof action camera is designed for ease of use. It takes 1080p HD video footage at 120 frames per second. Intuitive features like the Quick Photo Mode and the locking instant on-record switch help new filmmakers take high-quality action footage. This Contour camera also comes with two lenses and an 8GB memory card.
  • Contour+2 Action Camera: This action camera comes with the Contour Storyteller Software and built-in GPS features. Filmmakers can stay connected while in the field thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities, which let you livestream your footage.
Do I need a mount for my Contour action camera?

In certain circumstances, Contour cameras from eBay need to be mounted for desired results. The brand offers several different types of mounts, such as:

  • Profile mounts: With profile mounts, users can place a fixed Contour camera on their helmets. These mounts are used to capture extreme sports action from the perspective of the athlete.
  • Suction cup mounts: These mounts use suction to affix Contour cameras to windshields or car bodies.
  • Rotating flat surface mounts: These multi-purpose mounts use ratchet-type rotation to help filmmakers get the right angle.
How do I use the Contour apps?

Contour has two apps designed to work with its action cameras. They are:

  • Connect: The first Contour camera app, Connect, helps users transform a smartphone into a camera control. When using the app, filmmakers can start or stop recording, change video settings, or adjust the video quality. This app is designed to work with the Contour+2 action camera.
  • Storyteller: The Storyteller app makes it easier for filmmakers to upload their footage to streaming sites and social media platforms. The Storyteller app lets filmmakers manage their footage, from the import stage to the final upload.
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