Core i3 4th Gen procesadores ordenador

Core i3 4th Generation Computer Processor

The 4th Generation Intel Core i3 processor is part of the Intel Core line for desktop and laptop CPUs. A few chips were also developed specifically for mobile platforms. A total of four threads may run simultaneously with a Core i3 processor.

What specs do the 4th Generation Core i3 processors share?

All 4th Generation Core i3 processors are based on a dual-core design, which helps with multitasking and parallel processes. The L3 cache (a small memory pool embedded on the chip) varies between 3MB to 4MB of memory. Their thermal design power (meaning the maximum amount of generated heat that the chip can reasonably handle) varies between 35 watts for the low-power chips and 54 watts for the high-power chips. The frequency also varies quite a lot, from 3.8 GHz in the Intel Core i3-4370 to 2.4 GHz in the low-power Intel Core i3-4300TE. The mobile-specific Intel Core i3 chips feature an even lower frequency. All Core i3 processors are designed with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU in mind. They are also compatible with the LGA 1150 socket on a motherboard.

What CPU architecture does the 4th Gen Core i3 use?

The 4th Gen Intel Core i3 dual-core chip is powered by the Intel Haswell architecture, a successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture. Based on a 22nm process, the Intel Haswell architecture contains 1.4 billion transistors and a die size of 177 square millimeters. Haswell is specifically engineered to help improve power savings and performance on a 22nm process node both during single-threaded and multi-threaded operations. The architecture also supports Direct3D 11.1 and OpenGL 4.3 for the graphics hardware.

What features does the Intel Haswell CPU architecture contain?

All 4th Generation Intel Core i3 models run on a 64-bit instruction set. They support MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSSE3, SSEE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX AVX2, and FMA3 extensions. They are capable of creating a second "virtualization" platform on your computer. In addition, the i3 sports various features that result in enhanced performance over previous architecture. The Intel hyper-threading technology improves "parallelization" of computer processes, essentially meaning that it is better at multitasking. Intel SpeedStep technology enables the software to dynamically change the clock speed to better meet its operational needs. Intel Smart Cache technology lets the various cores dynamically access and share cache memory on the chip.

How does this processor affect your computer?

The 4th Gen Intel Core i3 dual-core processor increases performance and clock speed for some applications. This quickens web browsing, video use, and some limited gaming when compared to previous architecture. This processor family has been designed to save power and minimize the computers heat profile during otherwise stressful operations. By upgrading your laptop or desktop CPU to this processor from an older version, applications will be accessed and displayed at a quicker rate. The 4th Generation Core i3 adds more features such as hyper-threading and Speed Step to an older dual-core design. Make sure that it is compatible with your motherboard socket before installing the Intel i3.

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