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Creative Computer Speakers

How to Choose Computer Speakers with Volume Control

You can upgrade your existing speaker system or replace old computer speakers when you select Creative Labs speakers with features that include volume control. Speakers can enhance the sound quality of your computer and have features that enhance your audio experience in addition to making listening to music, videos, games, or movies more convenient.

Which Configuration Do You Need?

One of the first things youll notice when looking at sound systems for your computer is that there are numerous configurations available, which is typical of sound systems whether youre purchasing speakers for your home stereo system or for your computer. Thus, youll need to select a configuration before you decide on other features.

  • For a small setup, you may only need one speaker. The Creative NUNO micro is a square-shaped option that takes up little space. The Woof 3 is another single speaker thats small but powerful. 
  • For a dual-speaker setup, consider T10 speakers. When you have two, you can put one on the right of your computer and one on the left, creating a surround sound effect.
  • A 5.1 system has more components; five, to be exact, as well as a subwoofer. This multimedia system in the Inspire line of options allows you to immerse yourself in sound with added bass features and sonic directivity.

What Are Some Features of These Speakers?

Not only does a single speaker or speaker system change your computers audio output, but the units have additional built-in features for an even more exciting listening experience.

  • Control of the volume lets you adjust how loud your music is. Some systems also let you adjust the bass level as you desire.
  • Desktop speakers with a remote control mean you dont have to walk over to your PC or Mac to make adjustments, as you simply aim the remote and point to customize your sound.
  • For listeners who dont choose a system that comes with a subwoofer, BasXPort technology has you covered. This is a way to deliver bass without the added component, so you can opt for a smaller configuration when space is an issue. 

How Do You Connect Audio Speakers?

There are several ways to install computer speakers depending on your specific setup and your own personal preferences. 

  • You can connect audio components via an AUX-in cord located on the back of your device. These components are compatible with Mac and PC computers. 
  • You can also set up a system without cords and cables and sync wireless speakers using Bluetooth technology. This gives you the flexibility to move your speakers wherever you want for the most impact. 
  • USB-powered PC speakers connect to your computers USB input. No matter how you connect your peripherals, setup doesnt have to be difficult.

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