Cyber Acoustics Speakers - How to Find the Right Ones?

Cyber Acoustics provides speakers in various dimensions for your computing needs. They focus on speakers for gaming, movies, music, and other sound reinforcement, such as using a microphone for a live talk. Their goal is to produce speakers with ease of use and connectivity in mind.

How does the power type affect Cyber Acoustics Speaker Systems?

The way in which your Cyber Acoustics computer speakers are powered determines the depth and volume of the sound produced. The three ways to power their speakers are with AC, battery, or from a connection to your PC. Computer and battery-powered speakers are generally small and portable. AC-powered units are normally meant to be stationary. AC provides more power and tends to produce a higher volume and greater sound quality potential.

How do you set up a Cyber Acoustics speaker system?

The three supported types of interfaces are audio jack, Bluetooth, and USB. Audio jack speakers are more cable-intensive and use AC plugs. However, these cables provide a higher sound quality due to the increased data flow. Bluetooth speaker systems have a limited installation range, which is determined by your speaker system and the capability of your PC. They normally use AC or battery power. Cyber Acoustics USB speakers are easy to connect and they are powered by your PC or an AC plug.

What are the different interfaces that Cyber Acoustics supports? 

  • If your Cyber Acoustics system uses an audio jack, look on the back of your computer for a small hole for a slim connector that should be green in color, either on the port itself or surrounding the port. Plug the audio jack at the end of a cable coming from the speaker, which should also be colored green near the tip, into the hole.
  • If you are using a USB, look on your PC for a port and connect your speaker system. It is usually most convenient to use a port on the rear of a desktop PC rather than one in front, since you are less likely to be plugging in and unplugging the speakers very often.
  • Bluetooth speakers must be paired (connected by the signal) with your machine. If your PC supports Bluetooth, turn on the signal and then find the pair button on your speakers. Tap or hold it down until it pairs with your computer.

How far from your system should you place a subwoofer?

Cyber Acoustics recommends that you keep your subwoofer at least one foot away from your machine. If you are unsure if the shielding could interfere with wireless signals or your monitor, two feet or more will be even better.

Are these speakers compatible with Mac, Android, or Linux devices?

Cyber Acoustics systems can be used with any operating system. However, your PC must have a sound card and have the proper drivers installed. Installation is normally done automatically on Windows, Mac, and Android machines. Some Chromebooks and other non-Window or Mac laptops, as well as tablet computers, work with Cyber Acoustics systems. Being able to use a PC with Linux will depend on the version of Linux operating system that you use.

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