Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Jerseys

If you have plans to venture out on roads or trails on a bike, investing in a new cycling jersey is a great way to dress for optimal comfort without hindering movement. You can find many cycling shirts and jerseys for men and women alike. Regardless of the season and weather conditions, you will never wonder what you should put on when you add long or short sleeve shirts and jerseys to your wardrobe.

What cycling jerseys are for winter months?

If you plan to ride your bike outdoors when weather conditions are cold and even downright miserable, you need to invest in a warm cycling jersey that has considerable thermal features. A long sleeve jersey is a smart idea. You should choose a jersey that has a hoodie large enough to wear over your helmet. You will also want drawstrings to keep it firmly in place while you ride.

What cycling jerseys are available for warmer weather?

If you are shopping for a cycling jersey on sale for your bike trips during warm weather conditions, look for a short sleeve shirt or jersey that is made out of lightweight material. For women and men alike, you need to put on breathable cycling clothing. It may have a zipper that you can easily raise or lower to better control your body temperature. While you may sweat while cycling in cooler weather conditions, the benefit of moisture-wicking materials during the summer months is more significant.

Does the material matter when you select a cycling jersey?

When cycling, you need to wear apparel that is ideal for weather conditions and that does not inhibit your movement at all. You may have plans to put on a moisture-wicking or sleeveless t-shirt under your jersey for added comfort, so your jersey ideally will be baggy enough to accommodate an extra layer comfortably. Many choose a breathable fabric that will keep them cool in warm weather conditions. However, thermal fabric is necessary if you are cycling in frigid weather or if strong, cold winds are blowing.

What should you look for when buying bike riding apparel?

Regardless of whether you are shopping for a long or short sleeve cycling jersey on sale for men or women, there are a few features and accessories that can make the time on your bike more enjoyable and comfortable.

  • A pocket for your gloves or keys is a convenient feature to look for.
  • Many cyclists look for a hoodie as well so that they can keep the wind off of their head and ears when desired.
  • You may even want to buy a special bike jersey on sale that is made from a specific brand or that shows off your admiration for a specific team.