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Learn More about DELSEY Luggage

The DELSEY brand manufactures DELSEY travel luggage with spinners. Travel baggage of various sizes is available to suit travelers with a variety of travel habits and needs. The special wheels on the bags can help to reduce the effort associated with moving baggage around airports and elsewhere.

What fabric is used to construct DELSEY travel luggage?

DELSEY luggage is constructed using DURATEC fabric. The DURATEC fabric is used in order to increase the strength of the luggage. DURATEC is the same material used by the military. While the luggage does have weight limitations, the added strength allows for putting many items inside the baggage without any overload.

Do DELSEY selections come with spinner wheels?

DELSEY luggage includes four wheels, which are characteristic of the spinner design. Thanks to the engineering of these wheels, the various bags can handle weight in motion and do so with added maneuverability. This is possible when moving the bags on all four wheels or just two wheels. The word "spinner" refers to the swivel-bearing capabilities that allow the wheels to smoothly change direction when necessary. The technology responsible for manufacturing spinner wheels means that all four wheels continuously move in every direction. Pulling and steering with the sturdy handle is required to take the baggage where it needs to go. DELSEY travel luggage with spinner wheels is designed to be easy to manipulate. The unique, technologically advanced design of the spinner wheels also focuses on noise reduction, including squeaking prevention.

What sizes do these spinner selections come in?

Several different spinner wheel sizes are available, including 21-inch, 25-inch, 27-inch, 28-inch, and 29-inch models. The larger-sized bags are used as checked bags. The smaller selection may be used as a carry-on bag provided that the size matches the maximum length and height an airline allows. The expandable and collapsing handles allow for pulling any size of DELSEY bag.

What materials are the extra durable options made from?

While baggage made with a softer material is available, consumers who are concerned about durability, shock, or impact resistance may wish to choose baggage made with a special thermoplastic composite patented by DELSEY. The composite material isn't heavy and won't add bulk to the bags. Certain luggage choices are made with a polycarbonate film to create a protective, hard-sided case.

Do DELSEY bags and luggage have pockets?

A number of baggage options do come with large and small pockets. These exterior pockets provide additional storage space. The secure pockets can be opened and closed with metal zippers.

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