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A Purple Dell Laptop Catches Eyes and Handles Tons of Work

Take your purple Dell laptop to the local coffee shop and catch up on all that work you couldn't do in the office. eBay hosts a ton of different Dell models that share the same purple-colored look. The portable devices come packed with enough memory and storage space to handle tons of varied tasks.

Are there different hard drives on a Dell Purple laptop?

Would-be buyers should look over the special features to determine a model's specific hard drives. The laptop contains typically one of two different types of hard drive: HDD and SDD. HDD drives are the traditional drives that include spinning disks. SDD drives are faster and do not utilize the spinning construct. Laptops may be built with both an HDD and SDD drive as well.

How much memory is in Dell laptops?

The range of memory in purple Dell laptops is vast. Drives may contain memory amounts of 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB. The RAM memory powering the computer often lists at 8GB, but 12GB and 16GB are also available. The processor plays a significant role in fueling the memory. Processor speeds in the 2.53 GHz range are commonplace in the Dell purple laptop inventory.

What are the standard features available on Dell laptops?

Dell produces many different laptops. Even among the purple models sold on eBay, great variety exists. Looking over the available models, buyers should notice several different beneficial features. Common features available in Dell computers include:

  • Installed webcam - At one time, webcams existed solely as separate hardware requiring hardwired connections. Models sold on eBay feature built-in webcams that operate with a mouse click.
  • Bluetooth capable - Bluetooth makes it possible for the laptop to communicate and operate with other devices minus any hardwiring. With Bluetooth, the computer and other devices work together through a Wi-Fi signal.
  • Backlit keyboard - Seeing the keys on a keyboard doesn't have to be difficult. Light emanating from the keys illuminates them reliably reducing the chance for an error.
  • Expansive connectivity - Laptop owners could take advantage of several ports depending on the particular model. USB 2.0 and 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, LAN, memory card, and more may be integrated into the design.
  • Widescreen display - The wider vista enhances how the person sees the computer. The extended monitor screen display could make it easier to do work or play games.