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Denture Adhesive Denture Care

Dentures are one or more artificial teeth constructed on removable plates or frames. Clean, well-fitting comfort is essential whether you have a partial device or require a full replacement in your mouth. Denture adhesives are the way to fully secure your teeth and ensure gum health, a great smile, and other dental benefits.

How do dental adhesives work?

Adhesives are manufactured in a paste, powder, or adjustable pad. Most new dentures from reputable dentists feel perfect after the initial fitting and adjustment. Wearing the appliance daily means it’s adapting to changes in your mouth, particularly your gums. It is natural that they may feel looser over time. That is when an adhesive is needed.

  • This change happens with all dentures. A little help from a denture cream may be required for security. A denture adhesive ensures that eating, talking, and smiling is natural. Denture creams can help reduce your self-consciousness or emotional discomfort. You can bite right into that apple without worry.
  • The active ingredients in denture adhesives are polymethyl vinyl ether-maleic anhydride (PVM-MA) copolymer and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.
How long does the product last after application?

Products provide all-day hold, up to 12 hours of comfort and confidence. There is no need to worry about slippage or your teeth falling out at an inopportune time when using this adhesive cream. Your top denture or lower partial plates are secure after insertion. The fresh flavor of the adhesive even takes care of any breath issues.

What should you consider when choosing an adhesive?

Your personal comfort is the most important concern. Several selections can accommodate your individual needs. Always read the packaging information before making a choice.

  • Strong hold formulas refer to all-day hold. They also eliminate more food particles that can cause gum irritation.
  • Poligrip Ultra Fresh has a fresh, minty taste for all-day confidence. This product also seals out small seeds and other food irritants.
  • Strips are designed for easy application and removal. Similarly, denture adhesive wafers can be trimmed to fit perfectly. Either product is applied directly to clean, dry dentures. Adjust the water application to achieve the correct amount of holding power. Consumers may prefer these methods over paste options.
  • Denture adhesive powders give you all-day hold in a simple form. Spray this powder onto wet denture surfaces. Shake off the excess, insert, and get on with your day.
What are some other denture care items?

Dental health when using dentures can include some other care items, such as:

  • Cleaners: Dentures can be removed to clean in a soak, or specialized toothpastes can be used to brush them in place.
  • Specialized toothbrushes: Dentures have a different contact surface with the gums than normal teeth. Different brush configurations may aid in thoroughly cleaning these contacts.
  • Temporary repair kits: These offer patch-style repair for unexpected mishaps.