Detachable Face Car Audio In-Dash Units

A car stereo system, also referred to as the receiver, radio, or head unit, is the main component of a car's audio system. Car stereos play an important role of making travelling more fun by allowing both drivers and passengers to listen to their favorite music or radio show. Car receivers can come as either single compact units or detachable units with removable faceplates. Detachable car stereo systems become non-operational when the front faceplates come off.

What are the Advantages of Having a Detachable Head Unit?

Manufacturers developed detachable car audio systems to offer some major benefits that are non-existent in compact systems: These benefits include:

  • Anti-theft - for a long time, car receivers were the most obvious devices that thieves could target in cars. However, this changed with the invention of detachable car receivers. This means that car owners can now carry with them the removable faceplate when leaving their vehicles. This means that the car stereo system no longer becomes a target for thieves, as it is useless without the front operating faceplate.
  • Inexpensive and simple fixing - As with all electronics equipment, car stereo systems are prone to malfunctioning or suffering damage. Often when this happens in stereo systems it is due to sticky, damaged, or loose control knobs and buttons. Luckily, with detachable head units, this problem is easy to solve by simply replacing the removable faceplate. When shopping for a new faceplate keep in mind the brand and model number of the current system.

What features are available with detachable face car audio in dash units?

To take care of the needs of different customers, car stereos have varying features by design: Some worth considering include:

  • Bluetooth - head units with built-in Bluetooth technology allow hands-free talking. Bluetooth capability enables drivers to pair their Bluetooth enabled phones or smartphones with the head unit, thus allowing a driver to keep their hands on the wheel.
  • GPS Navigation - A receiver with an in-dash navigation system will have a GPS antenna as well as navigation software to help you travel from one destination to another.
  • USB Input - Being able to effectively connect other digital devices to your head unit via a USB port is essential. Not only does this allow charging of these devices but also playing of music from numeral devices that have more storage space. Other important features to look out for include: DVD/CD player, LCD displays, touch-screen capability, and Android/Apple compatibility.

Keep in mind that: single DIN, Double DIN, and OEM replacement car stereos are available in the market. Single DIN stereos are 7 inches by 2 inches in size and are compatible with most cars while Double DIN stereos are 7 inches by 4 inches in size. OEM replacement stereos are for a specific car models and cannot be replaced using just any Single or Double DIN aftermarket stereo.

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