Diamond & Gemstone Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond and Gemstone Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

Diamond and gemstone engagement and wedding band sets are a great way to show your future spouse the extent of your love and affection. When it comes to choosing a bridal set, its important to consider the type of metal, whether the engagement ring and wedding ring will fit together or serve as separate pieces, and the style of the ring and the stones included. Also, think about whether the grooms wedding band will match the brides bridal set.

What type of metal is used for wedding band sets?

Couples have several different types of metal to choose from based on their preferences and lifestyles. Some of the choices include:

  • Gold: By far the most common wedding ring metal, gold is available in yellow, white, and rose-gold finishes. The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the ring.
  • Platinum: Appropriate for those who prefer a silver finish, platinum is a pure metal that makes for a good bridal set choice. It has a strong, heavy feeling and does not need to be re-plated with rhodium to keep its silver color like white-gold does.
  • Tungsten carbide: This type of wedding band is prized for its durability and shine. These factors make it a great option for rings for couples who lead active lifestyles.
  • Titanium: Another durable option, titanium is used for mens wedding rings and is gaining ground for bridal sets, too. Its hypoallergenic, so its often chosen by those whose skin tends to get irritated by jewelry.

What should you know when shopping for diamond rings?

Whether you choose a separate wedding ring and engagement ring or you opt for a matching bridal set, your rings will likely include a diamond somewhere in the setting. Diamond rings are a major purchase that requires careful research. Keep in mind the "four Cs" when purchasing diamond rings for your bridal set:

  • Cut refers to the facets of a diamond, which influence the overall sparkle of the engagement ring.
  • Color actually indicates a lack of color when it comes to diamonds. Choosing an engagement ring with a colorless stone means that you have chosen a higher-grade diamond.
  • Clarity refers to microscopic imperfections in the stone that may not be visible with the naked eye, especially when the engagement ring is on a finger.
  • Carat is not a measure of the stones size but rather of its total weight.