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DIESEL Boots for Men

DIESEL offers a wide array of boots and sneakers in different styles and sizes for men. Explore the styles to choose the boots or sneakers that work for what you do on a daily basis. Get laced or zipped into footwear that helps you to achieve your fashion or practical shoe goals.

What are some of the features of DIESEL boots?

You will find that DIESEL boots and shoes have many different features, such as suede, leather, high-top, or low-top. DIESEL offers boots in colors such as black, brown, tan, and military green. Some of these colors are available in suede or leather. From lace-up boots like the Tatradiums to slip-ons like the Sa-Marals, different models of boots may include more than one feature. Here is a list of some features you can expect:

  • Steel-toe
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Metal grommets
  • Buckles
  • Rubber-cleated sole
What styles are available for DIESEL boots?

DIESEL is a brand that has a reputation for providing comfort and style. Below you will find some examples of DIESEL footwear that you can choose from:

  • Dress: These boots are polished with a refined appearance. Check out the D-Kalliens if youd like a dressier boot or the DIESEL D-velows D-string Plus if a lace-up, high-top sneaker is more your style.
  • Work: Boots that can be worn on the job.
  • Motorcycle: These boots are often accompanied by a buckle and are made of leather. Some buckles may appear at the ankle while others might go up the calf.
  • Military style: These feature a distressed look with a suede material similar to what is worn in the military.
What materials are used in DIESEL shoes?

Knowing what materials are used will help to determine how well your DIESEL footwear may handle the various elements that you plan on exposing them to. Some materials are also easier to clean. Different materials are used to construct the boots, such as:

  • Leather: May be polished or distressed to change the appearance.
  • Canvas::Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Suede: A softer feel on the exterior.
  • Vinyl: Easy to keep the material clean.
  • Rubber: Capable of withstanding moisture.
How do the shoes fasten?

There are various types of fastening measures that accompany DIESEL shoes. In some instances, there may even be two methods, allowing you to decide how you want to take the shoes on and off.

  • Zipper: Found on the side or the back of the boot.
  • Lace: Standard lacing across the entire front of the boot or around the back.
  • Buckle: Found at the top of the boot as well as across the foot.
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