Dragonfly Collectibles

Collectible dragonfly figures include everything from dragonfly specimens to jewelry, toys, and patches. Dragonfly items are of interest for a number of reasons, including scientific purposes and aesthetics.

What materials are these collectibles made of?

Dragonfly collectibles are made from a variety of materials. These include:

  • Dragonflies: Some collectors focus on actual insect specimens. The insects are preserved, mounted, and stored under glass. These specimens are sometimes used for educational purposes, for example in science classes.
  • Metals: Dragonfly jewelry and some dragonfly art pieces are made of metal. Fine metals like gold and silver may be used. Some pieces use cast iron or other rugged metals.
  • Enamel: Some dragonfly-shaped items, including magnets and jewelry, are made of enamel.
  • Plastics: Christmas ornaments, art pieces, and storage boxes embellished with dragonflies can all be found made of plastic.
  • Natural Materials: Materials like abalone are sometimes used in dragonfly collectibles. This material is lightweight, shiny, and pearlescent.
What are some features of collectible dragonfly items?

These collectibles share some features, while others are distinctive.

  • Colors: These collectibles are often very colorful. Examples include brooches covered with rhinestones and gemstones, stained glass suncatchers, and wall decals. Preserved dragonflies are the exception to this. They are generally dark brown or black, and the wings may be yellowed.
  • Detail: These pieces tend to be very detailed. Veins in the wings are depicted, along with the segmented body of the insect. In some cases, the eyes are very detailed, as well.
  • Embellishment: Many dragonfly collectibles are highly embellished. Examples of this include dragonfly jewelry. It often includes rhinestones, crystals, and gemstones. Overall, these items tend to depict dragonflies as shiny and brilliant, similar to how they look when they're alive.
What are some types of dragonfly collectibles?

Dragonfly collectibles are found in a surprising number of spaces and items. These include:

  • Wall Art: Dragonflies can be found in artworks in the home. Dragonfly plaques and flags can be found.
  • Garden Art: Dragonfly sculptures are often found in gardens and on fences.
  • Jewelry: In terms of jewelry, dragonflies are commonly depicted on brooches. They are also used on necklaces and earrings, or as charms on bracelets.
  • Small Objects: Glass figurines in the shape of dragonflies and small jewelry boxes depicting dragonflies are common collectibles.
  • Toys: Dragonflies are available as rubber insects. They're also featured in some other toys. For example, there are plastic wind-up dragonflies with wings that beat.
  • Candle Holders: Candle holders embellished with dragonflies are other collectible pieces.