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If you love to kayak, kitesurf, or windsurf but hate getting wet and cold, you should consider looking at a drysuit instead of a wetsuit. They help to keep you dry and toasty in all conditions, making water sports during the winter possible. Paddling, kayaking, and diving need not be stopped during cooler weather.

How is a drysuit different from a wetsuit?

A wetsuit lets a thin layer of water into the suit and is usually suitable for warmer waters. On the other hand, this kind of bodysuit will keep you dry by sealing out the water with heavier insulation. You can, and usually do, wear clothing under the suit. This suit is also appropriate for colder conditions. While kayaking, a comfortable dryjacket might keep you from getting wet as well.

Why would you want to wear a drysuit?

The average on-size-fits-all is not a good option when it comes to keeping dry, whether in scuba gear or a kayak. The right size suit is of the utmost importance for keeping comfortable and dry. The point of a bodysuit like this one is to keep out both cold and moisture, allowing you to preserve your body heat.

Can a drysuit be used for scuba diving?

Yes, this type of bodysuit keeps the diver totally dry; it is usually accomplished through the neck seal, made of latex, with a watertight seal. The right bodysuit will also keep the diver warm as he or she goes into deeper water. Good neck seals made of silicone, latex, or neoprene are important. Youll also want to look for a zipper that goes across the chest or back.

What are some benefits for women for using a drysuit?

A womens drysuit might have an easier entry system, can be worn as a dry top, and might include a removable hood. Many womens bodysuits include some smooth neoprene at the waist combined with other fabric. Smaller women and men who are sensitive to cold might find a good-fitting bodysuit in their size; it will keep them warm when the temperature begins to dip.

What do you wear under the bodysuit?

You will want to avoid cotton or wool because you will sweat when wearing the bodysuit; these fabrics take longer to dry. Moreover, cotton has no insulation properties. It is a good idea to wear the following:

  • Neoprene mittens or gloves
  • Multiple fleece layers
  • Short-sleeved synthetic top
  • Fleece cap under the hood
  • Warm socks or paddling booties

What these materials all have in common is that they dont retain a lot of water. You still sweat, so preventing moisture accumulation is key. They less quickly you accumulate moisture, the warmer you remain and the longer you can keep your bodysuit on.