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Sony Industrial E-Mount Camera Lenses for a Different View

Sony E-mount cameras are used to take photos with a number of lens styles. They are designed with a compact body that offers flexibility larger models don't have when it comes to lens size. These mirrorless cameras allow maximum aperture for natural lighting and a cleaner digital view prior to taking a picture.

What is the difference between A-Mount and Sony E?

A-Mount cameras made by Sony offer Translucent Mirror Technology (TMT), which enables phase-detection autofocus at all times. Due to the lack of a mirror in the E-Mount, the flange back is shorter to allow for the design of more compact models of the cameras and the E-Mount lenses.

What are mirrorless cameras?

A key component of many Digital Single Reflex Cameras (DSLR) is a reflex mirror that acts as a prism. In turn, the user sees the actual image before it's taken. A Sony E-Mount mirrorless camera doesn't have an optical viewfinder. Instead, the maximum aperture allows natural light to come in at all times. Rather than seeing the image through a natural viewfinder, it's seen on the LCD screen or Electronic View Finder (EVF).

What is an E-Mount lens?

To work in the mirrorless environment, the E-Mount lens is designed for more compact imaging on par with other 35mm DSLRs. Model examples of a prime lens include the Vario-Tessar compact with telescoping between 16mm-70mm. Another offering is the Sony FE (full-frame) series of lenses for travel, wide-angle, and portrait options.

Like their mirrored sibling, E-Mounts offer sensor options for both full-frame and Advanced Photo System type-C (APS-C) images. While there are other selections available, these are the most common. As its name implies, full-frame is the largest image at approximately 43mm, while APS-C is around 26mm.

What factors determine the right mirrorless camera to use?

If it's for personal use or for a beginner in the DSLR market, look for Sony E-Mounts with basic options and auto-focus capabilities. Those with more experience should seek higher-end models, which allow more flexibility in lens options and controls for sharper images.

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