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Electric Dryers

Electric dryers help you get your laundry clean and dry quickly. As the technology has continued to improve, stainless steel dryers have gotten bigger and more energy efficient, saving you time and money. However, choosing a dryer that is right for you and your lifestyle can help you save your clothing, particularly when it comes to delicate or personal items.

What size of electric dryers are available?

There are three main sizes when it comes to dryers. These different capacities allow you to dry different clothes at one time:

  • Compact: Compact drying appliances are often available as small as 3.4 cubic feet. These dryers are designed for one person or small family needs.
  • Full-size: These range from 7.3 to 8.3 cubic feet. Full-size capacity dryer models are able to handle regular laundry and heavy bedding.
  • Mega-capacity: These appliances have a capacity of up to 9 cubic feet of clothing.
What basic settings do dryers have?

All stainless steel electric dryers have a group of features that are included:

  • Type of clothes: You can choose what type of clothing you are drying, including cotton items, clothes that need to be permanently pressed, or clothing items that are made from delicate fabric. This setting tells the electric dryer how hot to heat the air and for how long to run.
  • Normal: This setting dries clothes just until they are no longer wet. However, it does not overdry the clothing.
  • More dry: This setting may be useful for heavier items like winter bedding.
  • Damp: This setting is gentle on laundry as it heats the clothing just enough to pull the moisture out.
  • Air fluff: This setting tumbles the clothing while blowing air that has not been heated on them.
What advanced dryer features are available?

Some models of electric dryers come with additional features that make it less of a task to get your clothing washed and dried. These advances features often include:

  • Steam: A steam setting allows you to remove wrinkles and odors from clothing. This steam setting is a necessity for those who wear business attire or uniforms for work.
  • Digital display: An LCD display lets you select your options with the push of a button instead of a dial.
  • Drying rack: This stationary rack creates an area where clothing that cannot be tumbled can still be dried.
  • Lint filter warning light: If you find yourself constantly forgetting to check the lint trap, a warning light will remind you to remove lint before starting the machine.
  • Condensation models: A condensation electric dryer removes moisture from inside the machine by condensing it and draining. Condensation models are an alternative for those who cannot vent to the outside.