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Enermax Computer Power Supplies

Without a power supply unit, your PC's components will not start up or function properly, ultimately leading to a dead power switch. Many demanding gaming computers require more juice than standard desktop computers. Enermax units come in a variety of wattage levels to provide the maximum electrical output that your computer may require.

What do Enermax power supplies do in your system?

Power supplies are responsible for issuing electricity to your entire computer system and the parts inside. Main AC electricity is converted through the PSU to a lower DC voltage that is usable by your PC's parts. Some power supply units will have a manual switch to select input voltage while others automatically adjust to the mains for efficiency. A modular unit will have detachable cables to help with cable management.

How do you install an Enermax series power supply?

The most important step before you begin installing an Enermax power supply is to check and make sure the PSU has the maximum amount of juice to run your system hardware and the necessary connectors for each of the parts. Parts that require a connection include the motherboard, graphics card(s), CD ROM drives, hard drives, and fans. Once you have determined that the power supply has enough electricity and necessary connectors, you can begin installing a PSU. The following instructions may help you:

  1. Remove your old or stock power supply by carefully unplugging all the connectors and take out screws securing the old unit in the tower.
  2. Slide the new PSU into the case with the fan pointing up and the cables positioned inside. Secure the PSU screws into the new unit through the case.
  3. Locate all motherboard and hardware connector slots. Gently work each plug into their necessary slots until they click in.
  4. Manage wires inside of the case with plastic zip ties or work them through the back of the case if possible.
  5. Check your motherboard or hardware manuals to make sure all of the cables needed are plugged in if your PC does not start up.
What wattage is optimal for gaming efficiency?

Game computers generally use a graphics card that requires more electricity. Depending on other components inside of your computer, you may generally need anywhere from 500 W to a 1000 W Enermax power supply. Undershooting the required electrical mark may make some components nonfunctional, or your PC won't start up altogether.

Why isn't the Enermax power supply fan turning on?

Some power supplies are semi-fanless, which means the cooler fan will only start at a specific electrical load or temperature for better efficiency. Check your user manual to determine if your unit is semi-fanless.