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Exide Car and Truck Battery

An Exide car and truck battery has advanced power cells that are intended to effectively distribute energy to modern and vintage automobile components. Each car battery is constructed out of a tough, durable block and is intended not to drain easily even in extreme temperatures. The commercial-grade housing is also possibly beneficial because:

  • The thick outer layer is intended to boost reliability.
  • The efficient design is intended to shield the battery from ice that can affect its power cells.
  • The rugged material is intended to handle dust, mud, and other environmental elements.
What options are available for car batteries?

Many Exide batteries are designed with 12-volt components, which is intended to provide sufficient energy for general automobile usage. The design of each battery will vary, and some products may have some sort of extra component that could simplify the mounting process. Exide products that are heavy typically have a handle that folds down once the housing is mounted into place. Exide also manufactures a battery that has two handles, and these attachments can be folded as well. Because all handles are constructed out of practical, commercial material, the batteries should be able to be lifted.

What are the technical specifications for Exide car batteries?

Exide batteries are built with hardware that is intended to help the cells hold energy for a reasonable length of time. The components are strategically engineered with special components to possibly help you avoid inconvenient battery failures. On a typical battery, there are six plates, and each piece has mat separators that are made of glass.

How do you replace an Exide battery?

The process of using an Exide car battery shouldn’t be complicated because you should be able to mount the battery block in place without using special tools. During replacement, you must disconnect the lines that run to the mechanisms on the top of the battery base. For this task, youll need a wrench with proper measurements to fit the nut on each bolt. Then, you must lift the old battery out of the compartment by grabbing the edge of the block or the handle. After the new battery is dropped into the empty compartment, the nuts on the lines must be secured with a socket wrench.

Are special battery options available for unique vehicles?

Exide designs special batteries that can be placed in bigger vehicles, such as recreational vehicles and boats. These dual-purpose AGM Exide batteries for marine equipment and recreational vehicles also have 12-volt components that rely on lead acid. Recreational vehicles and marine products are intended to handle water hazards and frequent activities that require electricity. During camping trips, an Exide battery is intended to hold a charge while passengers use multiple electronic gadgets.

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