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Flojet Pumps

Flojet offers motors and dispensing pumps, pump parts, and accessories useful for a variety of industries. Made of durable DuPont elastomers, Flojet pump parts last long, resist corrosion, and extend the life of pumps. Flojet pumps and components are known for their first-rate design and exceptional durability.

How does a diaphragm pump work?

Diaphragm pumps are considered “positive displacement” pumps since the rate that they flow does not change significantly with the release head or pressure the pump is resisting at any pump speed. Diaphragm pumps can manage a large range of liquids, with low, medium, and high viscosities. They can even handle liquids with high solid compositions. In addition, they can also manage many aggressive chemicals like acids since the units are composed of different diaphragms and body materials. Air-operated pumps are the more common types of diaphragm pumps.

What are Flojet air pumps?

Flojet pumps are operated by air pressure and work for low-pressure car wash application. The air pump can be used for foam brushes, tire cleaner dispensing, presoak spray, and other applications. Flojet pumps work efficiently as a replacement for outdated expansion tanks and electric low-pressure systems. They are compatible with a variety of chemicals and different levels of operation. Depending on the model, Flojet air-powered pumps are made of Santoprene, Kalrez, and Viton elastomers from Dupont. They’re also corrosion-resistant, contributing to the parts being long-lasting and sturdy.

What are the features of the Flojet 2.9 water pump?

This Flojet water pump will apply pressure to outdoor cleaning jobs and showers. It works at 2.9 gallons per minute (GPM), at 50 pounds per square inch (psi), and at 12 volts. It includes an integral pulsation eliminator that offers smooth motion and flow without the help of an accumulator tank. The sound-absorbing mounts provide reduced noise and vibration. In addition, the water pump safely runs dry due to its self-priming capacity. Installation is relatively easy with the accessible snap-in port fittings. Plus, this Flojet water pump is made of durable corrosion-resistant materials.

How do you install a Flojet automatic water pump?
  • Disconnect both the shipping plugs and the ports. There may be water that comes out from factory testing.
  • Join the fittings to the RV’s plumbing. To lower the vibration in the plumbing system, use 1/2-inch flexible reinforced or braided hose. For the slip-on hose connectors, utilize hose clamps.
  • Place the rubber mounts completely into four mounting tracks.
  • Place the pump unit vertically. Either have the unit facing down or horizontally in an easy-to-access location. If the unit is placed vertically with the motor up, connect the motor mounts before attaching the head mounts to secure the weight.
  • Set up inlet A, and unload the B port connectors. Apply pressure to the C slide clips to move them forward and fasten the port connectors in position.
  • Set up a Flojet strainer in an easy to access location (for cleaning and inspecting) in the area in between the pump inlet and the tank.