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GE Telephone Answering Machines

What to Know About Setting Up Your GE Digital Telephone Answering Machine

Having a GE digital telephone answering machine comes in handy if you are unable to get to your phone when someone calls you. Instead of the phone just persistently ringing, your machine will pick up the call and play a prerecorded outgoing voice message for that caller to hear. Once you get your machine hooked up, you will not have to miss another important phone call.

How do you configure date and time on your machine?

When you hook up your new GE digital answering machine, the first thing you will want to do is set the day and time stamp. This feature will tell you the date and time of messages that are left on your machine. To set this feature up, you will need to:

  • Hold Stop/Set until you hear a message. Then press the Next or Previous button until your machine says the current day. Press Stop/Set to save the setting.
  • Press Stop/Set to hear the hour setting, then press Next or Previous until the machine says the current hour. Press Stop/Set to set that hour.
  • The machine will then say the current minutes. Edit the minutes using Next or Previous. Save your settings by pressing Stop/Set.
How do you set up your telephone ring settings?

Your GE answering system will enter the Rings to Answer mode once you have set up the day and time. This lets you choose the number of rings before your machine picks up and plays your outgoing greeting message to the caller. To edit the number of phone rings it takes to answer, you will:

  • Press Next or Previous. Choose the number of phone rings you want.
  • Press Stop/Set twice to save and exit.
How do you record your outgoing greeting?

You will want to set up an outgoing voice greeting on your machine. Callers will hear this greeting when they reach your answering machine. To do this, you do the following:

  • Press and hold the Greeting button until you hear the tone.
  • Record your voice greeting message. If you have an alternate phone number where you can be reached, include that number in your outgoing message as well.
  • If the indicator light on your GE answering system is blinking, this means you have successfully recorded your message.
Does this GE answering machine require batteries?

Yes. You will need to insert a 9-volt battery into your machine prior to connecting it to your telephone. This helps in the event of a power outage. Just remove the battery cover from the bottom of the machine and install the battery. Then replace the cover and screw it back on.

Does this GE answering machine have a power adapter capability?

Yes. One end of the AC adapter will connect to the jack on the machine, and the other end connects to a wall electrical outlet. You then connect your phone wire into the answering machines phone jack.

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