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Galco Gun Holsters

Galco Holsters started in 1969 as The Famous Jackass Leather Company. From civilian use to law enforcement, the military, and even movies and TV shows, Galco holsters are used by many. With an abundance of holsters made with a variety of materials, Galco is a good choice for those who choose to go armed.

What are things to know when choosing a Galco holster?

Even though there is a wide variety of Galco holsters, there are some commonalities you should look for.

  • A covered trigger guard - This stops you from accidentally pulling the trigger while drawing or holstering the gun.
  • Full grasp accessibility - This allows you to obtain a full grip on the pistol before drawing it.
  • Retention - The holster must keep the gun firmly in place until it is drawn without making the draw more difficult. The amount of force needed to hold the handgun in the holster will, of course, be determined by the shooter’s activities. A hunter tracking game over rough country will require a holster with a firmer grip than a pedestrian walking down the street.
  • Single-hand draw - This allows you to draw the gun from the holster with one hand. You may be using your other hand to fight an attacker.
What is a "strongside" Galco holster?

A strongside Galco holster is one that sits on the same side of your body as your dominant hand. If you are right-handed and your Galco belt holster sits on your right side, it is a strongside holster. If you are right-handed and your Galco belt holster sits on your left side, it is called a cross-draw holster.

What is a Galco paddle holster?

A Galco paddle holster is a holster with a piece of stiff, flat, concave-shaped material known as a paddle, usually leather, worn inside the pants against the body and attached to the belt. The paddle helps hold the holster steady. It is usually used for a concealed pistol and can be easily taken off and put back on without removing the belt.

What is concealed carry?

Concealed carry indicates the practice of carrying a pistol in concealment either on your person or under your control nearby, such as in a briefcase or purse. This may be done for convenience or to keep from forewarning an attacker.

What are Galco IWB and OWB holsters?

IWB and OWB stand for inside and outside the waistband, respectively. A Galco OWB holster generally attaches to the belt and is made of stiff leather. It’s necessary to take the leather belt off to remove the holster. An IWB Galco holster fits partially inside the pants with the paddle against the body and only the top of the holster clipping to the belt. This makes the holster easier to conceal.

What is a Galco shoulder holster?

A Galco shoulder holster is an extremely effective way to carry a large, heavy handgun. A harness is draped over the back where the weight of the harness is supported by the back and shoulders. The harness usually features two counterbalancing holsters, the gun holster on one side and a magazine holster on the other.