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Garanimals Baby & Toddler Clothing

Choosing baby and kid's clothing can be daunting and raise a few issues regarding whether it will be comfortable, easily coordinate with other pieces, and the will child actually like wearing it. Mix-and-match clothing by Garanimals can help take some of the guesswork out of dressing babies and toddlers. Available in infant through kid's size 8, Garanimals clothing offers you choices to build a child's wardrobe.

What kinds of clothing items are offered by Garanimals?

Garanimals is a clothing line of separates, consisting of tops and pants that feature coordinating patterns, graphics, and solid colors. Garanimals offers long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts, knit and woven pants, bodysuits, shorts, leggings, and skorts. Shoes and accessories are also available. Garanimals has options for both boys and girls.

What kinds of accessories does Garanimals make?

Garanimals offers shoes, socks, and underwear. Footwear is available up to infant size 6. Sock sizes start at 0-6 months and run through 5T. Underwear ranges from size 2T through 5T. Accessory choices are available for both girls and boys in a wide array of prints and solids to match outfits.

Which items are available in baby sizes?

Bodysuits, onesies, shirts, and light jackets are available for both baby boys and baby girls. Boys' bottoms include knit, woven, and denim options while girls' bottoms include woven styles, skorts, and leggings with or without attached skirts. Sizes range from newborn through 24 months. Tops and bottoms are available in solid colors and prints for both genders.

Which items are available in toddler sizes?

Shirts and light jackets are available as tops for both boys and girls. Some girls' tops also include graphics. Boys' bottoms feature knit, woven, and denim materials in casual and sport choices. Girls' bottoms are knit and woven, and are available in sport and dress options. Sizes range from 2T through 5T in both solids and prints.

Can Garanimals be helpful for toddlers to learn dressing themselves?

Garanimals are designed with tags that have the picture of animals and other children's items that are meant to be matched with other pieces of Grananimals clothing. The thinking behind this detail is that young children will be able to learn how to coordinate their clothing, and make their own choices on what they want to wear. It can also make it easier for consumers to match outfits when they are purchasing them.