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Garden Edging Supplies & Borders

Add depth and beauty to your landscape, lawn, or garden with beautiful brick or stone borders. Landscape edging allows you to define your outdoor living space. With the right mix of materials, you can install an eye-catching stepping stone path to outline the edge of your garden or lawn.

How do you build garden borders with stones or bricks?

Building a garden border with stone adds a rugged and woodsy look to your landscape. For a more structured look, consider brick or masonry. Before you begin, be sure to have the right materials on hand. You'll need:

  • Spade This will be used to remove existing sod or dirt where the border will be.
  • StonesThese can be either natural or manufactured. You can also use bricks if desired Natural stones should ideally have a flat edge for easier stacking.
  • Mulch or dirt You'll need this to fill in the space behind the wall once it is complete.

First, use the spade to remove the sod and dirt where you are building the stone border. For a firm foundation, you should dig a shallow trench where the first layer will rest.

Second, use big, strong stones to lay the first layer. If you are using natural stone, the variations in shape may require you to dig a portion of the trench slightly deeper so that the first layer sits level along the top. Manufactured stone and bricks may be more uniform in shape and size, allowing easier installation.

Third, continue laying additional layers until you reach the desired height. Try to overlap the stones or bricks so that gaps in the layer underneath are covered by the above layer.

Fourth, back fill behind the finished border with dirt to fill in the gaps. This helps with stability, too. Spread mulch over the garden bed to the desired height.

How do you lay garden edging?

Garden edging can help define the flower beds in your landscape. Add edging by digging a narrow trench in front of or around your flower bed. This should be slightly wider than the edging and should be slightly deeper than the height of your edging. Cut to the desired length then insert the flexible edging into the trough with the edging against the grass side of the trough. The top edge should be flush with the edge of where the grass and the dirt meet. Back fill with dirt.

What is Terrace Board?

Terrace Board is the brand name of a lawn and garden edging product. It is made of recycled plastic and is embossed with a pattern of wood grain for a natural look that blends in with your garden. It installs like typical edging and offers an easier means of defining borders in your garden than building a wall. It also helps to contain plants that can spread too quickly in your landscape and can help prevent grass from spreading roots to your garden.