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Garrett Metal Detector Accessories

Garrett metal detectors have a reputation for reliability that has made them a leading choice in the metal detecting field. Not only are they used for prospecting, they are also used in airports and by the US military. Enthusiasts looking to show theirappreciation for the Garrett brand can purchase a wide range of accessories ranging from hats through to covers, battery packs, headphones, wireless audio systems, pinpointers, and search coils.

Why Should I Purchase an Additional Coil?

  • Additional Coils: Additional coils enable you to expand your search efforts. Standard coils often do not contain enough depth detection, which means you might miss out on locating some objects located beneath the Earth. Some coils may also be better than others at separating certain metals.
  • Concentric vs. Wide Scan Coil: Consider whether you want a concentric or wide scan coil. Concentric coils are generally better for discriminating, whilst wide scan coils are less susceptible to interference from ground mineralization. Wide scan coils will enable you to cover more ground, so they are usually the first preference for many people.
  • Uses: If you visit different environments such as water, swamps, and dry land with your metal detector, you will probably want to have a few different coils in your inventory. You should always check that the coil you are interested in is compatible with your specific Garrett metal detector model. Some coils might be made for the pro series of detectors, whilst others might be suitable for the Garett ATX or Ace 150 models.

What is the Garrett Pro Pointer Accessory?

  • The Garrett ATPro Pointer enables you to locate metallic targets with perfect accuracy. It is equipped with a scraping blade to help you sift through the soil, and it even has a flashlight for low light use.
  • Once youve dug your hole, you can use the Garrett Pro Pointer to find the treasure that you seek. Simply point it at the dirt and move it around until you hear a constant beep, indicating the presence of a metallic object. Then all you need to do is dig around the hole and search for your object.
  • You can recover your items quicker and reduce the size of the holes you dig. This is good from an environmental perspective, and it also saves you valuable time and effort. With 360-degree detection, pocket-friendly size, and waterproof ability, the Garrett Pro Pointer is a great tool to use in conjunction with your metal detector.

What Are Some Features of the Garret Wireless Audio Systems?

  • Connection Speed: The Garrett Z-Lynk wireless audio system is a popular product for those that do not like the hassle of corded headphones. The latest iteration of this product uses wireless technology that offers speeds that are about 6 times faster than Bluetooth. This means you receive instantaneoussound production, enabling you to uncover your finds with a higher degree of accuracy.
  • Compatibility: The Garrett Z-Lynk audio system can be paired with any Garrett metal detector or headphones. The unit contains a rechargeable lithium battery, with a full charge providing you with an operation time of about 30 hours.
  • Water-Resistant: The receiver is water-resistant against light rain, whilst the transmitter is resistant against heavy rain. This makes it suitable for use in just about any situation.

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