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Choosing Gears of War Video Game Statues

When you're a devoted Gears of War fan and you want to show your love for your favorite game by displaying some Gears of War merchandise, building a collection of figures and statues is just one way to express your fandom of the series.

What Are Some Features of Video Game Statues?

A third-person shooter game, Gears of War was first released in 2006 and since then the creators have turned it into a franchise with several sequels. It should be no surprise then that purchasing video-game statues depicting the game's characters can be an engaging hobby for gamers and figure and toy collectors alike.

  • Some statues have extremely detailed features, making them look more realistic than you might expect. They're also made from various materials such as bronze or platinum.
  • Some statues measure as tall as 12 inches.
  • A figure with a base makes for a convenient display, enabling you to place the statue on a shelf or desk wherever you'd like.

Which Brands Make Gears of War Statues?

There are a few brands that make Gears of War merchandise, so as you browse for the right action figure, consider these manufacturers of merchandise from Gears of War 3 or either of the first two installments.

  • Mindzeye Studios is one creator of numerous types of collectibles, including bronze and platinum statues. You can keep them in the box or take them out and show them off. They're lightweight but solid and typically measure anywhere from 9 inches to 13 inches.
  • Looking for a painted statue that's realistic and three-dimensional? Triforce creates oversized, full-color statues that sit on bases for display purposes. They come in varied editions such as the Epic Edition of certain characters.
  • NECA offers multiple series of Gears of War statues and action figures. Some of these are as small as 3.75 inches and come on blister cards. They're detailed, look colorful, include weapons, and are articulated in as many as 20 points.

Which Characters Can You Find?

There are a handful of main characters from Gears of War that you can find in figures and statue form.

  • You'll find many renderings of Marcus Fenix in figure form. Mindzeye makes a platinum statue of him, and NECA offers an action-figure version.
  • Boomer is another character you'll likely come across, and a bronze Mindzeye Gears of War figure featuring Boomer is just one option that you can choose.
  • You can look for NECA Gears of War figures in the form of a Series 2 Theron Guard option that's seven inches tall. This design also includes a weapon.