Parrillas dentales de oro

Gold Grillz

Teeth grillz are commonly associated with hip-hop artists. They are worn as a sign of high status and financial success. The market is awash with grillz for all types of people; you can easily access real as well as fake teeth grillz to polish your look.

What types of grillz can you get?

Grillz can be made from many precious metals. All teeth grillz can be classified into three broad groups:

  • Permanent Grillz- As you can tell from the name, these cannot be removed easily once you choose to wear them. The advantage is that they will never get lost. You should consult your doctor before getting permanent fangs.
  • Instant Grillz-These are meant to be worn over your regular teeth. They can be molded to fit perfectly. Unlike permanent fangs, these can be removed at any time.
  • Custom Grillz- These are similar to instant fangs. However, you have to send an impression of your teeth to a manufacturer so that they can mold a perfectly fitting grill. Custom fangs hold more securely in your tooth compared to instant grillz.

The grillz are commonly made of these valuable materials:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Silver

Plated grillz that imitate the appearance of these materials are also highly available. Gold teeth are made from 10- to 24-karat gold and can be colored to suit personal preferences. White and yellow gold grillz are the most popular.

What colors of gold grillz are available?

Gold jewelry is not made of the pure metal. It has to be mixed with other materials to make an alloy. This results in different colors of gold grillz. Other materials can also be plated to create a look and feel of gold. Here are the gold grillz colors:

  • Yellow gold- This is a highly popular choice for many grillz fanatics as it is the purest. Also, it requires minimal maintenance.
  • White gold- This is highly durable
  • Rose gold- This material gets its color from copper.
What should you wear with your gold grillz?

To complete your image, you need to dress up appropriately. Wearing a designer outfit can bring out the whole hip-hop image. Consider wearing these:

  • Sunglasses
  • A gold chain to match the teeth
  • A loosely-fitting hood
  • A gold watch and several gold rings
  • Designer shoes
  • Jeans

Gold grillz can be worn on the lower teeth, upper teeth, or on a single tooth. All grillz are unisex.

Where should you wear gold grillz?

Like all fashion accessories, these fangs have their time and place. You can wear them when going to these areas:

  • The club- This is the one place where you shouldn’t go without your grillz. Everyone will be impressed when they see your teeth in the club
  • Casual hang out with friends
  • Any event that involves hip-hop culture