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Gucci Eyewear Frames

Stylish eyeglass frames can complement the wearers' outfits and facial features as the lenses improve their vision. Gucci, founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy, is known for its high-fashion clothing, leather goods, and accessories, including eyewear. The brand offers sunglasses as well as prescription-ready eyeglass frames for men and women.

What colors do Gucci eyeglass frames come in?

Gucci offers a wide selection of colors for their eyewear. The women's and men's frames come in gold, black, brown, tortoise, bronze, copper, pink, red, silver, orange, burgundy, and purple There are also multicolored options.

What materials are Gucci frames made of?

Gucci frames are composed of materials such as:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Titanium

Examples of Gucci eyewear frames are the Havana Plastic Square Eyeglasses, the Asian Fit Plastic Square Eyeglasses, the Optical Frame Acetate Eyeglasses, and the Optical Frame Opytl black Eyeglases.

What styles do Gucci frames come in?

Many options are available, including:

  • Round frames.
  • Oversized frames.
  • Aviator frames.
  • Cat's eye frames.
  • Square and rectangular frames.
  • Novelty frames shaped like hearts, pineapples, etc.
Do Gucci sunglasses offer UV protection?

All Gucci sunglasses provide wearers with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Do Gucci eyeglass frames come with a case?

Most Gucci eyewear styles come housed in a velvet hard case embellished with the Gucci logo. The velvet exterior is jewel tones, and the inside of the case is lined with coordinating satin. A microfiber cloth for cleaning is included.

What sizes do Gucci eyeglass frames come in?

Gucci frames are available in several sizes, calculated according to eye size, bridge size, and temple size. When purchasing Gucci eyeglass frames, shoppers will see sizes listed as a series of these three measurements, for example: 51-18-140.

  • Eye Size: This measurement, also known as frame width, refers to the width of a lens in millimeters. When glasses fit correctly, the eye should be in the direct center of the lens. Gucci frames are available in eye sizes ranging from 48mm to 58mm.
  • Bridge Width: The bridge width refers to the distance between the two lenses. Gucci styles come with bridge widths ranging from 15mm to 23mm.
  • Temple Length: The temple length is the measurement of the "arm" of the frame. Gucci temple lengths range from 135mm to 150mm.
What should shoppers look for when choosing Gucci eyewear?

Here are a few guidelines for shoppers selecting Gucci eyewear:

  • Select a style: sunglasses or frames for prescription glasses.
  • Select a desired size: Measure a pair of glasses that fits, then select a Gucci pair with a similar eye size, bridge width, and temple length.
  • Select your preferred material: plastic, titanium, or metal.
  • Select a color: Choose from Gucci's selection of solid-color frames and ones with prints like tortoise.
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