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HEAD Athletic Apparel for Women

HEAD Athletic Apparel for Women

HEAD athletic apparel makes all different styles of garments for women, including tops, jackets, bottoms, and dresses. Polyester and synthetic blends are utilized frequently in activewear construction, including the HEAD athletic apparel for women.

What kinds of tops are available?

HEAD makes womenu001as shirts and tanks. Sleeveless, short, and long-sleeved garments are options. Polos, T-shirts, tanks, crops, and sports bras are also available in different styles. T-shirts and polos are generally fitted while tanks range from fitted to loosely flowing. Cotton, synthetic blends, and wicking fabrics are all incorporated into the brandu001as garments. Colors range widely from bright shades to pastels to neutrals. Additionally, some tops are embellished with reflective stripes.

What are designs are used for HEAD jackets?

Full-zip hoodies, mock-necks, and vests make up the womenu001as jacket collection. Available in colors that include black, navy, white, and prints, jackets provide varying amounts of coverage. Materials utilized in activewear often include stretch and a shell. Zippers are often plastic or metallic, and cuffs include extra elastic.

What kinds of athletic bottoms are available?

Womenu001as athletic bottoms include pants, shorts, and skirts.

  • Skirts vary in length to hit anywhere between mid-thigh and the knee. Most skirts are cut to include extra fabric at the hem. Waistbands are often elastic, and skirts vary in color from bright hues to darker colors.
  • Shorts range from those that are cut close to the body to others that include more room between your body and the garment. They can be worn solo or with leggings underneath.
  • Womenu001as athletic pants come in leggings, crops, and full-length pants. Leggings are available in prints and solids and include an elastic waistband. Crops are cut looser and fall near the knee or just below it. Full-length pants offer room between your leg and the garment. They fall below the ankle.
What dress designs are options?

Womenu001as HEAD athletic dresses include racerback and traditional tank designs. Some feature panels of patterned fabric or double straps. Most include an integrated shelf or cup bra. Most dresses in the HEAD collection are made from polyester, which can wick moisture away from the skin as perspiration occurs.

How do you care for HEAD athletic apparel?

Follow the instructions on the garment tag for the most efficient care results. Most HEAD garments can be hand washed using cool water and a gentle detergent. Rinse the item in cool water and hang it to dry somewhere with adequate airflow. Take care to avoid heat whenever possible, both during the washing and the drying processes.

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