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Saturn Ion Headlights

Enhance your Saturn Ion with a pair of sleek, bright headlights. Choose from a variety of bulb types and color temperatures for your two-door Saturn coupe or your four-door Saturn sedan. The following five questions and answers can help you sort through common features and benefits of Saturn Ion headlights.

How do you know which headlight mounting panel to get?

Product titles and descriptions identify the make and model as well as the year that a given headlight mounting panel is appropriate for. Mounting panels are available in pairs of two, or you may purchase a right or left side as needed for your Saturn. A replacement mounting panel is a must after sustaining any front end damage, but you may also want to replace yours if you purchase a grille requiring unique mounting.

What are the Saturn Ion headlight bulbs?

These are some frequently used bulb types for the Saturn Ion:

  • Incandescent: Like the standard bulbs in your home, incandescent bulbs contain a tungsten filament that glows when electricity coursing through it heats it to a particular temperature.
  • Halogen: A type of incandescent bulb containing a halogen gas. The gas extends the filaments life and keeps the bulb from burning or discoloring from the interior to anterior.
  • Xenon and High-Intensity Discharge (HID): Both are bulbs containing a gas of some type, such as xenon or (in the case of HID) mercury vapors. The gas produces an initial electrical spark that subsequently arcs between two tungsten electrodes.
  • Light-Emitting Diode (LED): Produces photons after electricity comes into contact with a two-lead semiconductor, resulting in the recombination of electrons and electron holes.
Are smoked headlight covers merely aesthetic?

No, smoked headlight covers are more than just aesthetic. Granted, they give your vehicle a sleek, mysterious look evocative of high-end vehicles and European sports vehicle headlight assemblies. The smoked finish complements your trim, but it also protects your headlight assembly from dust, debris, damage, and oxidation. Smoked headlight covers install in no time, and they immediately elevate the perceived value of your Saturn Ion sedan or coupe.

What is 9007 HB5?

HB5 is just another name for 9007. HB5/9007 refers to a bulb with two filaments. With these filaments the bulb can simultaneously perform the functions of high and low beam illumination from within a single bulb. This is what "dual-beam headlight assembly" means, whereas single beam entails separate bulbs for high beam and low beam.

The base type for HB5/9007 is PX29T, so if you want to replace this bulb in a composite headlight, you need to get the exact same bulb type. You also have the option of converting your entire assembly and using a different bulb type, an aftermarket alteration that is quite common.

How do you stop LED flickering in the Saturn Ion?

You need an Ion-compatible anti-flickering harness. The anti-flickering harness regulates the rate of electricity, equalizing stop error messages. These messages pop up because LED is so energy-efficient, its electrical requirements are exceedingly low. Since an LEDs electrical requirements are so low, your Ions circuits behave as if the LED is off when its actually on. Consequently, your Ions LEDs keep flashing while you drive or when you engage your headlights, turn signals, or other LED bulbs.