Home Central Air Conditioners

Use a Home Central Air Conditioner to Regulate the Temperature in Your Home or Office

When the temperature in a space isnt comfortable, you can make the air colder or hotter by running a home central air conditioner system. On eBay, youll find a variety of systems that can effectively heat and cool large and small spaces.

What are the heating and cooling product types?

Many cooling and heating products that change temperatures both quickly and gradually are featured on eBay. The main solutions for homes include:

  • Air conditioners - An air conditioner has components that remove warm air out of an environment. After an air conditioner extracts heat, it gradually fills a space with cooler air. This unit also has heating hardware that lowers the temperature in a space. Multiple air conditioners on eBay dont require a ventilation system. They distribute cool and hot air in a confined area from a window.
  • Air handlers - An air handler is a device that regulates and moves air through an environment. This equipment is compatible with ductwork. However, youll also find options on eBay that can be used without a duct system.
  • Condensers - Condensers power an air conditioning system. Every condenser has a heat exchanger that manages refrigerant by converting the gas into a liquid.
  • Heat pumps - A heat pump is a product that transfers energy from a heat sink. When a heat pump lowers the temperature in a space, it absorbs hot air and releases the currents into another area.
  • Package units - A package unit is an all-in-one option. A typical package is a suitable option for a home that doesnt have space for an air handler or a furnace.
What is a ductless air conditioner system?

A ductless air conditioner system mounts on the wall in a space. Most manufacturers build these products with hardware that interacts with an outside compressor. When compared to standard air conditioner units, ductless systems dont leak easily because minimum drilling is needed to mount ductless equipment on a wall.

What are BTUs?

On eBay, youll find many heating systems that have BTU specs. A BTU is a term that represents a unit of heat. If a system has a high BTU, it can effectively raise the temperature in a large space in a timely manner.

What are general central air conditioner features?

Air conditioner systems and ductless systems that mount on the wall have a panel that displays temperature settings. Some ductless products also have a remote. This device let users change temperatures from a distance.

Youll also find ductless AC units with a fan that circulates air through an environment by spinning.