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Choosing From Various Styles of Octobers Very Own Hoodies for Men

Octobers Very Own is a company endorsed by hip-hop artist Drake that makes hoodies for men. The brands logo is an owl thats often incorporated into OVO hoodies. When you shop on eBay, you can browse through a full line of these garments.

Colors of OVO hoodies available on eBay

Octobers Very Own makes hoodies for men in many well-liked colors, such as:  

  • Gray: Both light and dark gray are available.
  • Black: Plain black and black with logos are available.
  • White: Hoodies come in plain white or with large designs.
  • Colors: Several colors, such as light pink, maroon, olive green, yellow, brown, bright blue, and dark green are available.

What designs are on Octobers Very Own hoodies?

This brand has an owl logo, which is incorporated into many of the hoodies. The owl can be large and appear across the center of the chest of the hoodie, or smaller and placed on the upper left part of the chest or just above the heart. Some of the owl logos incorporate special details such as flowers or the Canadian flag. The brands initials, OVO, may also form the main design element, and the entire label name may be spelled across the sweatshirt.

How are the designs applied on OVO hoodies?

Designs are applied either with screen printing or embroidery. Many of the embroideries are a solid color outline, and theyre usually smaller than the screen-printed designs.

What other details are included in Octobers Very Own hoodies?

Most of the hoodies also feature a front pocket. While some of the hoodies are pullovers, others have a front zipper. Also, some of them are made from traditional sweatshirt material, while others use terrycloth, nylon, or Sherpa. They also feature drawstrings in the hood.

What else should you know about Octobers Very Own hoodies?

Like many products, the availability will affect the price of each sweatshirt. Hoodies that were made in small quantities, are sold out, or were worn by Drake in certain videos may be in greater demand, causing the price of each sweatshirt to inflate. Also, find the correct size when choosing your hoodie. See the manufacturers site for details. It has a chart you can use to check the measurements of the chest width, sleeve length, and body length for each size.

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