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Choosing Cases, Covers, and Skins

Cases, covers, and skins for the P8 Lite come in a variety of colors and designs. Cover cases provide both protection and personalization. Other models of phones, including the P20, P9, P9 Lite, P10, Ascend, and Y6, also have covers available.

What Designs of Cases Are Available for Huawei P8 Lite?

Cases are built to protect your phone from the elements, with some enhancing functionality.

  • Battery Skins: These ultra-thin skins replace the back cover of the Lite. They provide no additional protection but offer customization options with different colors and themes. Designs include simple color changes, characters from popular culture such as Pokemon or Marvel, matte finish covers that reduce fingerprints, and glitter or metallic covers.
  • Folio Cover: Also known as flip covers or wallet cases, folio covers provide an additional protective flap over the front of the phone's screen. Some have transparent windows to allow for quick visual inspection of the phone without having to open the front flap. Often, they're made of real or PU leather with a hard plastic or soft silicone lining. Most have a stylus slot. Some have card slots on the inside cover, making them an alternative to carrying a wallet or purse. Some models have magnetic straps that secure the front but can be easily flipped open.
  • Armor Cases and Bumper Cases: These are hard shells of plastic, metal, or silicone rubber designed to protect the phone from impact and shock. Some have integrated screen protectors, while others are essentially large back cases. Shockproof models often have large rubber ridges to absorb impact and enhance grip.
  • Fitness Bands: These phone cases are built in to an armband and are designed to be worn while exercising for fitness tracking or music. There are often made of a breathable fabric with soft padding on the inside. A velcro strap helps secure the P8 case to the arm and allows for easy removal.
  • Kickstand: These 2-in-1 cases can be folded or have a built-in kickstand that allows the phone to be propped upright. This makes hands-free uses such as reading, watching videos, cooking, or work easier.

What Accessories are Available for the P8 Lite?

Several accessories can enhance the P8 Lite and its case, cover, and skins.

  • Stylus: A stylus is a small pen-like probe designed to help manipulate smaller details on a phone screen or add functionality such as hand writing or drawing. Some cases either have a slot for a stylus or come with a stylus that matches the case's colors or theme.
  • Bands and Straps: Several different types of band or strap help secure the phone and add customization options.

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