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Pontiac G5 Hubcaps

If you own a Pontiac G5, you know how important it is to protect and maintain your vehicle. Quality hubcaps are a part of taking care of your car. They protect your wheels, brakes, and bearings from dirt and debris and make your car more visually appealing.

How do you know what size hubcaps your Pontiac needs?

When shopping for hubcaps, it is important to select the right size for your G5 model. They are not one-size-fits-all and need to have the right fit in order to be secure. To find out what size your wheels need, look on the outside of your tires. Here you will find a set of numbers such as P175/65/R17. The last number, in this case 17, is the size in inches of the hubcaps you will need. Only go by this number and do not measure your current hubcaps. Most hubcaps come in 14 to 18 inch sizes.

What styles of hubcaps are available for the Pontiac G5?

Hubcaps come in many different styles and designs for your Pontiac G5 vehicle. Some cover most of the wheel and tire, also known as wheel covers, and others only have minimal coverage. Some have a design that mimics spokes of a wheel, and others appear to have shapes in their design such as triangles or circles. Most have caps that go over the bolts for aesthetic and security purposes. Multiple color options are available for hubcaps as well. You can choose from a neutral color, such as black or white, or something bolder like red or blue. In addition, you can get hubcaps with different finishes, such as matte or chrome, to change up the look of your Pontiac.

How do hubcaps attach to the wheel of the Pontiac?

No matter what your hubcaps or wheel covers are made of, it is important to ensure that they are securely attached to your vehicle. If you have plastic hubcaps, they are usually secured by snaps. To remove, you will need to use a flathead screwdriver to pop the snaps up. To install, you will need to use a hammer to lightly tap them into place. Metal or alloy hubcaps will attach with bolts and nuts. You will need a wrench to remove and install them.

What are non-rotating hubcaps?

Although the main purpose of hubcaps is to protect your wheels, they also make your vehicle aesthetically pleasing. Some G5 owners may select non-rotating hubcaps due to their visual appeal on a coupe. Non-rotating hubcaps are similar to regular hubcaps in their purpose and design. However, they move independently of your car’s tire. This helps them stay in place so that their design is set in a certain orientation at all times while your tire is still free to rotate as it needs to. Non-rotating hubcaps add extra style to your Pontiac model G5.