Industrial/Scaffold Body Piercing Jewelry

Industrial/Scaffold Body Piercing Jewelry

Industrial barbells are jewelry that can be used in industrial ear piercings, nipple, tongue, and other body piercings. These industrial piercings come in a variety of styles, lengths, and gauges to fit various piercings. Industrial barbell jewelry comes in a variety of different looks. This jewelry can be as simple as a solid bar, or be adorned with charms or unique colors.

What is an industrial ear piercing?

An industrial piercing is two piercings connected with a straight bar. Often, the term industrial piercing is used to describe a piercing of this nature that is located in the upper cartilage of the ear. They can also be referred to as an industrial barbell, scaffold, construction, or bar piercing. There are various industrial-piercing options to fit the look and personality of the person wearing it, and allows for a lot of creativity and expression. Industrial piercings differ from a helix-style earring due to the use of a straight barbell, as opposed to a hoop or circle. Both of these are trendy choices for the cartilage of the ear.

How do you clean an industrial piercing?

Cleaning an industrial piercing is similar to cleaning any other piercing. An important aspect is to use salt water to clean the piercing. Using sea salt is an effective way to keep the piercing clean. Often, submerging new piercings in salt water can be an efficient way to clean them. However, in the case of industrial piercings on the ear this can be hard to do because of the placement on the ear and because there are two separate holes pierced. Therefore, it is recommended to clean them with gauze soaked in salt water. It is also recommended not to change the jewelry for at least one month.

What are industrial barbells made of?

Industrial barbells are an extremely versatile type of piercing due to the many different types of industrial barbells available. Industrial barbells, along with other earrings and body jewelry, are commonly made of surgical steel, stainless steel, or titanium. There are some other more specialty options for industrial barbells, such as gold plating, available as well for those that have allergies.

How long do industrial piercings take to heal?

They can take anywhere from three to four weeks to six months, due to the fact that they are often located in the cartilage of the ear, which takes longer to heal than a traditional lobe piercing or other body jewelry.