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Safety First With Soldering Fume Extractors

One way to ensure safety in the workplace or prevent accidents at home is to attach a soldering fume extractor to your welder. eBay provides a variety of new and used extractors and filters to use during fabrication. You can choose stationary or portable systems.

What is a fume extractor?

This device is a tube that extends like an arm to filter unwanted fumes from your welder. This part directs the harmful substances accumulated when soldering and sends them away from you and other workers. In the process, it acts like an exhaust pipe.

Why do you need to remove fumes when welding?

Removing these fumes can prevent potential hazards. For instance, your extracting system can pull fabrication substances from the air that could irritate the skin or cause someone to faint. Certain workplace chemicals also might contain carcinogens that you will want to filter out of your work area. These are some additional benefits of fume extraction:

  • Environmental - Using filters can improve air quality.
  • Safety - Prevention of workplace accidents increases.
  • Minimizing damage - Extracting with filters protects products from damage.
  • Increasing useful life - You can extend the life span of your equipment.
  • Eye protection - Extracting fumes can prevent eye irritation, and the process will not obstruct your view.
What other parts work with the fume extractor?

Portable fume extractors work with other parts to enhance the effects of purification. For instance, an extractor often works with these components:

  • Filter - As a primary environmental cleaning component, it works along with the extraction hose.
  • Fan - It controls the climate when welding and provides air circulation.
  • Nozzle - You can either use one provided with your extractor or add one that extends to the length you need for your task.
What projects might require a fume extractor?

Many industrial applications involving the use of welding or soldering, as well as laser or plasma cutting techniques, might require it. You might also use a portable version of this device when working on home projects in the garage. Whenever you expect to have a spark with smoke and fumes, fume extraction is recommended. Soldering situations that create the risk of burning could also warrant using a fume extractor.