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What to Know Before Buying Polaroid 600 Film

Load these classic Polaroid film cassettes into your favorite compatible Polaroid camera. The Polaroid 600 film available on eBay features classic white border frames around color photographs. Snap a photo, wait while the film develops, and add the memory to your photo collection.

What are the features of Polaroid 600 film?
  • Instant development: The time it takes for the film to develop is 10 to 15 minutes. To develop the film properly, turn the photo upside down, or place it in a book or pocket as soon as the photo is taken.
  • Glossy finish: The Polaroid 600 film features a quality, glossy finish. The finish will not wear off over the years and keep the photos looking freshly developed.
  • Built-in battery: The Polaroid cameras and flash are powered by the film, which includes a built-in battery in the film pack. You do not need to buy regular batteries for your camera.
  • Film size: Print and develop beautiful images on the classic Polaroid film that measures 3.1 inches by 3.1 inches.
What different types of 600 film does Polaroid offer?

The most common type of Polaroid film is called Color 600. This is the classic color film that features the iconic white frame around the photo. For some other variations on the classic film, choose the Color 600 Silver Frame Edition, the Blue 600, or the Black and White 600. Each of these film packs are the same size in area and include all the features of the Color 600 film, such as the glossy finish and built-in battery pack.

How many pictures come in a Polaroid 600 film pack?

Most Polaroid 600 film comes in packs of eight, but there are older film packs that include packs of 10. If you desire more film, then it is more economical to buy Polaroid 600 film in bulk versus buying individual packs. You can get the packs of film in bulk packs of two, three, four, five, six, 10, or 12. Some bulk packs are mixtures of the Polaroid 600 Special Edition film variations, like the Silver Frames or Black and White film.

Is the Polaroid 600 film compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras?

Yes, the affordable Polaroid 600 film works with both 600 Polaroid and i-Type camera models whether they are the newer or older versions. The film loads the same way in both the 600 camera and the i-Type camera, and both cameras are powered with the films built-in battery pack.

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