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Invicta Wristwatch Bands

Wristwatch bands come in many different styles like bracelet styles, two-piece designs, and so on. These Invicta wristwatch bands have widths that range from 11 millimeters to 36 millimeters in size, which allows them to fit on many different wrist sizes. Most are designed to be used with one specific series of Invicta wristwatches.

What are some band types for the Invicta wristwatch?

Invicta wristwatch band types include:

  • Bracelet/link: This consists of a series of metal links that are connected to form a lengthy bracelet. These links can come in different shapes and sizes, and can be removed or added depending on whether you want to lengthen the strap or make it shorter.
  • Wrap-around strap: This is a type of band that wraps around and connects to the other side so that it remains in place and remains connected to the watch.
  • Milanese/mesh: This is a form of bracelet that is woven in a machine and designed to appear like a tightly woven mesh. This type is usually made of stainless steel and is magnetic as well as adjustable.
  • Two-piece: This type comes with two pieces that connect with both sides of the watch. They can be removed from the watch at any time and are tied together by placing a metal pin from one piece into a small hole on the other piece. There are various holes to select from depending on how loose or tight you want the band to be.
What are the different band materials available?

Band materials include:

  • Genuine leather: This is a type of natural leather that is taken from the hide of an animal and put through a tanning process.
  • Stainless steel: This is a type of metal that consists of chromium and is typically available in link bracelets. There are numerous grades of stainless steel to account for the large variety of applications that the metal is used for.
  • Rubber: A rubber watch band strap is made from a hard polymeric substance that can be artificial or taken from the latex that is produced by a certain tropical plant. It is typically available in black and is referred to as an elastomer, which is a material that has elastic properties.
  • Nylon: This is a thin synthetic polymer that is crafted into a strap through a melting process. It starts out as a plastic but can be melted into a fabric.
What are some colors that Invicta straps come in?

These Invicta items are available in a range of color options that include silver and black. Some of the additional colors you will be able to select include beige, brown, green, ivory, gold, and rose gold. Some are available in multiple colors with combinations like red and black and blue and silver.

Which styles do these Invicta straps come in?

You can get an Invicta watch strap in a variety of styles. Options include formal and diver styles. Some of the additional wristwatch band style options that are available include casual, luxury, military, and sport types.