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JBL Marine Audio Speakers

Enjoy Music During Fishing Trips and Casual Boating Adventures Using JBL Marine Audio Speakers

JBL marine speakers can be used outdoors near an ocean without any risks. If you put these speakers on a boat or on a structure near the shore, salt water and other marine elements wont harm the finish that protects the audio hardware. On eBay, youll find many JBL marine audio speakers that can handle corrosive salt water, intense UV rays, and icy weather.

What are the power options for JBL marine speakers?

Many JBL marine speakers are designed with electrical circuits that power stereo hardware. When JBL speakers are used with audio equipment, they pull energy from a power source. A JBL speakers wattage level doesnt impact sound quality as an average unit can produce loud feedback without using a lot of energy. The main wattage options for JBL speakers include products that are:

  • Under 250W
  • Between 250 and 499W
What features are included with JBL marine speakers?

Many JBL audio product have features that manage sounds and equipment functions. The top features include:

  • Bluetooth hardware - JBL marine speakers with Bluetooth can pull music from other consumer electronic devices. If you have a waterproof phone or tablet, you can take advantage of Bluetooth on a boat.
  • Remote control technology - A typical JBL remote allows you to control JBL speakers from a distance. This accessory has buttons for volume, bass, treble, and more.
  • USB ports - The USB port on a JBL speaker is designed for recharging routines. After a cable is docked, you can recharge a JBL speaker battery by plugging the USB piece into a USB port.
  • A waterproof housing - A waterproof housing creates a barrier that prevents water damage. This coating shields splashes and can provide great protection within certain depths.
What materials are used to make JBL marine speakers?

Marine speakers by JBL are manufactured with two types of materials, which are carbon and polypropylene. These materials protect and preserve the speaker hardware that produces bass and treble sounds. On eBay, youll find a variety of JBL marine speakers with:

  • Carbon housing
  • Polypropylene cones
What are the technical specs for JBL marine speakers?

All JBL speakers are designed with coaxial hardware that produces unique effects. Other marine speakers cant generate bass and treble notes like JBL products because JBL units have technology that produces a signature sound. Many people who care about audio feedback rely on JBL speakers as the hardware provides consistent sound throughout every song and music track. No matter what type of sounds are played through JBL speakers, the frequency response will range from 50Hz and 21KHz.

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