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Make Driving More Fun by Listening to Music from a Kenwood Car Stereo

One of the joys of driving on the open road is listening to upbeat music on the radio or on your own personal device. Using a Kenwood Bluetooth car stereo can make enjoying music on your drive easier and more convenient. eBay has a variety of audio systems for sale ready for you to install in your vehicle.

What audio sources can you use for the stereo?

Depending on the specific model that you obtain on eBay, the Kenwood Bluetooth car stereo may support a wide variety of audio inputs. The most common input methods are AM/FM radio and auxiliary cord input for a portable music device or phone. Most models also support Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. Other models can also support Sirius XM or HD radio connections. In addition, certain Kenwood devices support music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify, which allow you to play, pause, and skip songs directly from the stereo instead of needing to access your smartphone device.

What extra features for the Kenwood radio are available?

Most of the Kenwood car radios will allow you to listen to the AM/FM dial or connect your phone or other portable music devices. This makes it easy to listen to music, podcasts, or the radio in your car. However, some systems may include extra features that can make the device more enjoyable and functional, or improve safety while driving. Examples may include any of the following for various prices:

  • Device charging ports through USB connection
  • Bluetooth calling abilities when connected to a compatible mobile phone
  • Inputs to attach a rear-view camera for enhanced safety while driving
  • Smartphone remote control that can manage the stereo from your mobile device
  • GPS navigation either directly from the stereo or when connected to your smartphone

How do you install the Kenwood car stereo into your car?

The exact installation process will depend on the specific model of car that the stereo will be used in. However, all models of car stereos include input connections for 12V power from the car and output connections to the speakers. The installation process will require opening the dashboard of the vehicle, removing the stock stereo, and correctly attaching the connections for the new stereo. Mounting the new Kenwood stereo to the outside of the dashboard will also be required. Be sure to reference the Kenwood head unit manual and wiring diagram for this process.

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