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KICKER 8 Inch Car Subwoofers

Buying Guide for Kicker 8-inch DVC Subwoofers

Kicker produces high-quality and high-output aftermarket audio products for the car stereo market. Kicker is a respected brand in vehicle audio solutions and has established partnerships with several automakers for branding premium audio packages in its vehicles. Kicker offers speakers, amplifiers, and accessories that are easy to integrate, including 8-inch DVC subwoofers.

How much space does a Kicker 8-inch subwoofer need?

To get the optimal performance and to generate the clearest sound, subwoofers should be enclosed when installed. The profile of the 8-inch subwoofer is relatively compact with an overall diameter of 8 inches and a 4.125-inch mounting depth. This unit can be installed under a seat, or it can be surface-mounted to a seatback. However, an appropriately sized enclosure allows for peak performance from the unit. The enclosure for an 8-inch Kicker subwoofer is roughly 15 inches by 11 inches by 5 inches. Kicker also sells pre-assembled enclosed units that are sealed and sized from the factory. Some of these woofer enclosures have built-in amplifiers. However, many manufacturers produce sealed enclosures of this relative profile. This compact form factor packs 600 watts peak power and allows users to add a significant punch to their car audio systems without compromising the space or optics of the vehicle interior.

What are the key features of Kicker 8-inch subwoofers?

While the fundamental elements of audio speaker design remain relatively constant, advances in material technology and component manufacturing have allowed the top manufacturers to stand out in quality and performance. Here are some of the most prominent features of Kicker 8-inch units:

  • SoloKon Injection-molded polypropylene cone for superior response (81.8dB sensitivity)
  • Double venting for maximum cooling
  • Dual-stacked, high-temperature voice coils for improved frequency response and power handling
  • Weatherproof design for use in outdoor applications
  • Low impedance materials for maximum efficiency (2 ohms)
How does a subwoofer improve sound quality?

“Subwoofer” is a general term used to describe any speaker designed to operate in the lower end of the audible frequency spectrum. This low frequency range is often referred to as bass and can be noted by low and powerful notes that are often felt as much as they are heard. Many factory car audio systems employ limited-range passive subwoofers if they utilize a woofer at all. The idea is that these units, although often small and underpowered, can provide a balanced and pleasant listening experience for a wide range of drivers and passengers.

For those seeking a bigger sound, the 8-inch woofer from Kicker is a solid choice, capable of delivering 600 watts (300 RMS) of audio power at 2 ohms. This type of performance can add a feel to the music that cannot be measured or quantified. When incorporated with the proper amplifier and frequency filters, the subwoofer can produce a sound boost at an intensity that aligns with the audio being played. This allows users to rock out to bass-heavy jams without compromising the clarity of talk radio.

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