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Portable Amateur Radios That Work Inside or Outside

Kenwood, along with Icom and Yaesu, is one of three of the largest manufacturers of portable FM transceivers, dual-band radios, and base stations. The transmitting and receiving transceivers have built-in antennas and are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These portable units operate in frequency ranges averaging between 136-174 MHz.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Transceiver?

Rugged construction should be a prerequisite for any amateur radio whether used indoors or outdoors. When used inside, the handheld radio should survive if dropped from a balcony or a window. If youre using it during a rain or snow storm, water shouldnt penetrate its surface to damage internal components. Depending on how often you intend to use the equipment, keep in mind that battery life during high usage lasts about 6 hours. Battery usage extends to about 10 hours when consumption is less. Moreover, look for handheld models with backlit displays and keypads for nighttime use. You can also find lightweight and compact radios designed to fit in your palm for ease of use and to reduce hand fatigue. 

Who Uses These Types of Radios?

  • Campers: Use the amateur ham device as a walkie-talkie when you and a friend are hiking on separate trails exploring unknown territory. The TH-K20A, for instance, has 200 memory channels plus 6 programmable channels, 1 call channel, and a priority channel for emergencies.
  • Outside Workers: Rather than use up minutes on a mobile phone, construction, forestry, and farm workers can communicate with other employees using a ham radio. The equipment holds up to the elements since it is designed to comply with dust, water, and other environmental standards. 
  • Others: Firemen, policemen, and other public service personnel use the radios during emergencies. Family members use them when traveling together in separate vehicles and ham radio hobbyists can communicate regularly with members of a radio club.

What Timesaving Features Should You Look For?

Complete more tasks in less time by preprogramming the direct function keys. Set up the keys on a Kenwood radio for access to frequencies you use repeatedly. You can also use the auto-dial memory feature that saves up to 16 channels you can access by pressing a button. Moreover, youll never miss an incoming call from another amateur two-way radio user because youll hear an alert. A symbol also flashes on the display. Optional headsets free both hands to engage in tasks whether youre using your smartphone or supervising a construction crew. Additionally, clip microphones with earphones prevent downtime on the job.

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