Lápices de Colores para Niños

Having Fun With Different Types of Kids’ Crayons

Crayons are a staple to kids' upbringing. They facilitate hand-eye coordination and artistic expression. A lot of kids spend a considerable amount of time in their childhood simply coloring. Read on for more insight into kids’ crayons and the different types currently available.

What types of kids’ crayons are there?

There are different types of crayons used in different environments and for different effects. Getting the right kids' crayon for the activity the kids are involved in is ideal.

  • Scented crayons are aromatic for fun while coloring.
  • Metallic crayons have a sheen to them to add a sparkling effect while coloring.
  • Bathtub crayons are made specifically to be used in the bathtub and washed off when done.
  • Twistable crayons are in a plastic case that can be twisted to expose a portion of the crayon and are twisted instead of sharpened.
  • Eraseable crayons make learning easier as these can be erased if mistakes are made.
What are kids' crayons made out of?

Typically, crayons used on paper are made out of waxes. The different types of crayons have different additives in order to provide their "specialty." For example, scented crayons will have an additive to the wax that provides a smell that is different from the wax. These are often a type of essential oil that slowly releases from the wax over time, especially when it is used.

Bathtub crayons are different from other wax crayons. Because wax repels water, a different material must be used. Often, a soap-based material is used with different colored powders added to provide the different colors in the bathtub. The fact that they are made partially of soap makes it easy to draw on a surface when wet and makes it simple to wash off.

How do you make a crayon last?

Kids' crayons are often seen as a quick purchase that cannot be maintained. However, this is not entirely true. In the case of wax-based crayons, crayon sharpeners can be used to help maintain their sharpness making it easier to color with. To utilize a crayon sharpener, simply peel back the paper wrapper of the crayon and sharpen as you would a pencil. The twistable crayons are easy to maintain as you can simply twist up a new portion of the crayon for use. Finally, bathtub crayons should be allowed to fully dry in between each use to ensure multiple uses and longevity. Each product may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.