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Kohler Shower Heads

Kohler showerheads add beauty and function to your bathroom. Advancements in technology and energy efficiency allow Kohler to offer several WaterSense showerheads that meet or exceed the LEED Green Building Rating System. Kohler also offers the Moxie Showerhead combining function and entertainment with a removable wireless Bluetooth speaker for streaming music while you shower.

What are the different types of showerheads from Kohler?

Kohler sells several different styles of showerheads to make your shower experience more unique. Primarily, they fall into three distinct categories:

  • Fixed: These units are permanent fixtures in a bathroom and are attached directly to the shower wall. They can be single-spray or can offer different spray settings. They usually tilt up and down on the fixed arm to allow for height adjustment.
  • Rain: Slightly different from the fixed units, these permanent fixtures are usually installed overhead from the shower ceiling. This unit is bigger and wider than a standard fixed unit, allowing more holes for a rain-like spray. Often, a rain unit offers different settings from gentle rain to downpour. With the variety of settings for personal choice, this unit is designed to add a more spa-like ambiance to your shower experience.
  • Handsets: These units have a handle on the showerhead, flexible metal tubing for the water, and a holding unit for the handle that is attached to the wall. Offering the dual use of a fixed unit and the flexibility of a handheld unit, these are suitable if you have difficulties with mobility issues.
Does the Kohler Moxie play music in the shower?

An innovation in showering luxury, the Kohler Moxie is a fixed unit that includes a removable, water-resistant, and portable wireless Bluetooth speaker in the center of the showerhead. The Bluetooth speaker syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device within 30 feet to allow you to stream music, news, and sports while you shower. The rechargeable lithium battery is designed to offer up to seven hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged. This unit comes in both chrome and white finishes for seamless integration in your personal bath decor.

What does GPM mean on a showerhead?

The GPM label on a showerhead stands for gallons per minute and signifies the rate at which water flows through the fixture. Energy-efficient showerheads and faucets are rated 1.75 GPM or lower and are labeled WaterSense fixtures. Showerheads can no longer exceed a GPM of 2.5.

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