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Retail Price and Label Guns

Retail price label guns are used in stores to quickly apply price tags onto in retail stores. The pricing guns reduce the amount of time and manual labor that it takes to put plastic or adhesive tags onto items such as boxes, clothing, and food. The guns are designed for pricing items with one hand.

What are the features of pricing guns for shops?
  • Ergonomic design: Guns for pricing items are ergonomically designed. They are made to function with the use of just one hand for quick operation. The pricing guns have a compact trigger that is easy to press and does not require a lot of force.
  • Built-in ink rollers: Guns that use pricing stick-ons usually have a built-in ink roller that prints the price onto the stick-on tag. The built-in ink roller works for tens of thousands of printed sticky tags before it needs to be replaced.
  • Automatic propulsion of the sticker sheets: Guns for store price tag stickers have a built-in mechanism for the automatic rolling or propulsion of the stick-ons so that you do not have to push or unroll the stick-ons as you use them.
What kinds of labels do compact price guns use?
  • Plastic tags: Plastic tags are often used for apparel. The gun fires the plastic tag through the garment or the garments tag. A paper, plastic, or cardboard hanging tag is attached to the plastic barb and has the products details printed on it.
  • Stick-on labels: Stick-on labels are often used in grocery stores for marking the price on boxes, cans, and jars of items. The stick-ons may be as small as 0.25 inches square or large enough to put a bar code or QR code onto the stick-on.
  • Barbs and hooks: The guns may also use barbs or hooks that attach a hanging price tag to an apparel item or another type of item, such as shoes.
How do you load labels into Monarch price label guns?

Monarch is one brand of guns for printing sale labels, and are designed to be easy to load. To load the Monarch brand of labels into the Monarch guns, slide the two black latches on the back of the gun down. This opens the chamber where the rolls of adhesive stick-ons should go. Remove the empty plastic spool from the chamber. Tear off the first ten or so stick-ons and discard them. Load the spool of sticky strips into the chamber, placing it between the plastic gray reels. Drape them over the metal peeling bar at the front of the pricing gun. Pull about six inches of the strip out. Remove those papers, push the empty backing paper into the back of the feed wheel, and you are ready to label and price.