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Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is a great way to prevent your desired garden or other areas from being overgrown by weeds. The area that is covered with the fabric takes a small amount of preparation. Once installed, you wont have to worry about weeding the area very often.

How do you lay landscape fabric?

Once the ground is prepared, you simply unroll the landscape fabric and place it exactly where you want it to go. You may want to hold the corners down with a heavy rock or other items to keep it from blowing around during the install.

When installed properly, the fabric will provide you with the flowers and plants you want. It acts as a weed barrier when placed directly over an area.

How do you prevent weeds from growing?

Before you lay the landscape fabric, you must take the time to remove the weeds from the garden or other space. You should be diligent to ensure that all of grass and weeds are completely gone before continuing. This is the most effective way to prevent weeds and grass from growing in the area. Whatever you plant will be more visible and easier to take care of because the grass and weeds can be quickly removed, but every valuable nutrient will still reach the plants you want.

It is likely that some grass or weeds may continue to grow on top of the fabric, but you simply need to pull it up gently. The landscape fabric reduces the amount of manual labor necessary to keep your garden looking great throughout the year.

This is a great solution for any landscape. From rocky areas to vegetable gardens, youll get what you want with much less maintenance.

Is landscape fabric biodegradable?

Landscape fabric is not biodegradable. This is a positive feature of the product because you may never have to do the preparation and laying of the material again. Any weed that comes into contact with the landscape fabric will begin to grow in the area even with mulch present. Since the fabric stays intact and doesnt biodegrade, you can remove unwanted weed nuisances quickly.

What is landscape fabric made of?

The fabric is typically made from recycled, synthetic, or organic materials. Landscape fabric is successful because it will block sunlight from getting to the weeds. A plant grown on top of the textile fabric will get the necessary light it needs to grow. The fabric allows you to water and mulch just like you would on the ground.