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A Quick Guide to Leather Handbags

Handbags have been around since the mid-19th century when travel by train began to be more prevalent. Nowadays, a leather handbag can be an essential part of the day-to-day routine. Though there are many types of purses, leather handbags are stylish places to keep your personal belongings and necessities when you're out of the house and on the go.

How do you choose a leather handbag?

In general, there are five things to consider when purchasing a leather handbag:

  • Length: Consider the length of the handbag that will comfortable to you in relation to your height and shape. The bottom of the handbag will accentuate the body part on which it falls. A handbag that sits at the waist is flattering for most body types.
  • Size: The size of the handbag should be relative to the person wearing it. A large bag will allow you to carry all of your items in one bag. A smaller bag is convenient for short trips and nights out.
  • Shape: The most flattering shape for a handbag is one that is the opposite your own body shape.
  • Style: Consider a handbag to match your personal style. You may want to choose a style that complements your activity schedule and daily routines.
  • Usage: Consider a leather handbag that has enough pockets and slots for your accessories. You may also want to consider a bag that has lots of open space for larger items such as umbrellas and laptops.
What styles of leather handbags are available?

Leather handbags come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. Some of the most common varieties include the following:

  • Backpack: A leather backpack purse has two straps and is carried on both shoulders. These bags have at least one large compartment and may have zippers or snap closures.
  • Hobo bag: Leather hobo handbags are shaped like a crescent moon with a dip in the middle. They usually have one or two compartments and may zip to close.
  • Satchel bag: Leather satchels are handbags with flat bottoms and one or two handles. They often have a crossbody strap. Satchels are usually closed with decorative hardware and may be big or small.
  • Tote bag: A leather tote is a large bag with a single compartment and two short handles. They can be closed with a snap, a clamp, or a buckle.
  • Messenger bag: Leather messenger bags have one long crossbody strap that stays on one shoulder, making it easier for the bag to stay put while riding a bike or walking around town.
  • Leather clutch: A clutch is a hand-held purse no larger than a wallet that has room for basic necessities such as your keys and credit cards.
What are some different brands of leather handbags?

Leather handbags are manufactured by several brands that range from budget-friendly totes to high-end designer styles. Some brands include the following:

  • Michael Kors
  • Patricia Nash
  • Burberry
  • Chanel
  • Coach
  • Fossil