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Leica Digital Cameras

The Leica brand is respected among the worlds leading photographers. Recognized for its rangefinder system, diverse formats, durability, and black full-frame with the iconic red logo, Leica has built digital cameras for every type of photographic shoot.

How do Leica consumer cameras differ from Leica professional cameras?

Most Leica consumer cameras contain the same features as Leica professional cameras. Both are designed with digital sensors and mode settings that manipulate the speed and light. They also have LCD screens for easy viewing before and after taking a picture. However, most consumer cameras are built to be family-friendly and easy to use, with the lens attached as one unit, and they are usually compact and small.

How do you choose a Leica consumer digital camera?

Professional Leica cameras are sold as full-frame. This means their body is sold separately from the lens. Depending on the digital specifications, Leicas black full-frames have built-in sensors and are both durable and sturdy for location shoots. More importantly, the Leica M rangefinder system provides a broader view of the subject.

How do you choose a Leica digital professional camera?

Instant Digital Camera

If you need a camera to shoot vacations, events, parties, or family gatherings, then a simple compact camera is a suitable option.

  • Leica Sofort: The Sofort has a user-friendly interface and comes with an attached lens that zooms out. This compact camera offers different modes such as automatic, party, people, sport, action, and macro. It can also be programmed for creative exposures and immediately prints the captured image.

Leica Digital Compact Cameras

Compact cameras are designed with digital sensors and a built-in lens that operates at diverse speeds.

  • Leica V-Lux: This digital camera works as a still-picture and video camera in one and has a fast lens and 4K video resolution.
  • Leica C: This digital camera features a fast lens and an integrated Wi-Fi module.

The Leica M is the most versatile camera series, geared towards both beginner and professional photographers, and has retained the signature analog, black hard-body style. All Leica M cameras come with a rangefinder that has an image field selector. Combined with the SLR lens, images are sharp.

  • Leica M9P: Features include 18MP and face detection.
  • Leica M-P: Features include HD 1080 and a 6400 ISO.
  • M Monochrome: Features include 18MP and DNG (Raw)/JPEG formats.

For beginners, the Leica M makes an easy transition from a compact system to a more intricate combination of an SLR detachable lens and the rangefinder system. For professionals, Leica offers a dependable body, a choice of variable or fixed lens, a wide angle, and a telephoto lens to capture the world.

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