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Lighting and Lamps for Nissan Altima

Lighting and lamps can improve your visibility at night or when youre driving in snow, rain, or fog. You can find lights on eBay Motors for all areas of your car for maximizing your ability to see oncoming and parallel traffic. There are also lights made for backing, braking, and parking available.

What kind of bulbs are available for the Altima?

Bulbs for the front, sides, and rear of Nissan vehicles are popular products. The electrical components for them may be available. You might see the following types of lights for your car:

  • Headlights: You often can buy high-beam and low-beam headlight kits. They come in varying wattages, including 1400- and 1800-watt versions.
  • Tail lights: Some available tail lights include smoke-lens lights for the Altima sedan and regulation red lights for other Altimas.
  • Fog lights: Bulbs, bezel covers, and electrical parts are often found.
  • Brake and parking lights: These kits you can install yourself if you want to replace them in a timely manner.
  • Turn signals: Kits, bulbs, and wires are offered.

Which headlights are the right ones for your Nissan?

If you see bulbs that say they are “universal” on the package, you still need to verify that they will fit your Nissan model and year. Usually, the headlights come from another car just like yours or are made by an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Follow these tips for choosing the right headlights:

  • Confirm model or part number: Verify your Altima model or double-check a part number before ordering.
  • Make sure they are headlights: They usually will say what they are, but just check twice before you order them. You do not want to wait for them to arrive only to find out you purchased fog light bulbs or parking lights.
  • Examine product photos: They sometimes include a picture of a new product in a package that has bulb information.

What is the difference between fog lights and headlights?

Regular headlight bulbs often reflect off snow, dust, or fog that might be in the air. This can produce glare, which could obstruct a driver’s vision. However, the low position of fog lights and their flat, wide beams provide easy visibility in inclement weather. Headlights are meant for everyday driving, and fog lights can prevent accidents when roads are not clear. Fog lights also can alert drivers behind you of their presence.

Are all Nissan bulbs LED?

Many now are, but halogen headlights are also available. You also might notice some Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs available for your vehicle.