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Selecting Lobe Pumps and Roots Blowers for Local Needs

Many industries across the world use varied forms of machinery that require different levels of gas pressure to operate correctly. Raising the gas loads generated by a central compressor unit to the highest level needed in the plant is an impracticable application. The answer lies in the strategic placement of rotary lobe pumps to boost pressures where necessary.

Where can you use rotary lobe pumps?

New and used lobe pumps available on eBay work well for pumping gases and chemical slurries in industrial use. Fine fluids, with a consistency near that of water, are compressible in a lobe pump. Here are where these versatile lobe pumps are useful:

  • Food manufacturing industry: The food manufacturing industry uses rotary lobe pumps to force slurries into forms.
  • Wastewater plants: Wastewater plants use rotary lobe pumps to divert lighter fluids to separate areas of the plant.
  • Additional industries: Many industries use these pumps as secondary boosters of compressed gases for specialized equipment.
  • Car superchargers: Rotary lobe pumps are a vital part in car superchargers.
How do rotary lobe pumps work?

The outside of a lobe?s pump blower is an elongated canister with an input port and an output port. Inside the canister are two triple-lobed blades mounted to intermesh in gearlike fashion. The blades do not touch but are within millimeters of each other and move in opposite directions. The opposing forces generated by the blades force gases or fluids between the lobes and the inside of the canister. The loads generated where the two triple-lobed blades meet will cause the gas or liquid to compact before it flows toward the output port by the lobes. The RPM of the lobes governs the amount of compression generated.

Is there a limit on compression ability?

Yes. Single-rotary lobe pumps can only compress so much. However, if more compression is necessary for a given process, rotary lobe pumps can be mounted in tandem to produce the desired load. Each rotary lobe pump accepts the pressure generated by the former pump and compresses the offered level of load to a higher level.

Is the use of rotary lobe pumps economical?

Yes. Where central, or axial, compressors will show wear over time, the lobe pump operates indefinitely. With no contact between parts, the wear factor is minimal. The power demands of a lobe pump blower is far less than that of a central compressor. When you purchase affordable rotary lobe pumps on eBay, you can use them to save on power and wear to the central system.